Oct 31, 2012

What EA does right in Medal of Honor - Warfighter

My mid term examinations might have been affected by Medal of Honor - Warfighter, but then, I must admit, it was totally worth it! I have played a lot of installments of this series- the Nazi Germany based MOH Allied Assault, the different World War II based MOH Airborne, the modern day Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan based MOH Limited Edition of 2010- but Warfighter stands above all of them! Here's why.

It uses the Frostbite engine, which was also a part of Battlefield 3(also made by EA). However, the graphics are spectacular with amazing clarity, nothing like I have seen before!

Training for Jehad-
The second mission- 'Through the eyes of evil' involves the training a recruit has to undergo for joining the Jehadi terrorist groups. Yes, everything looks and feels real! It involves reckless killing, and how to handle hostage situations. As I completed it in the hard difficulty (and naturally, I was slow), I got this message.
You can join our cause, but you would probably die in battle soon.

In general, first person shooters involve breaches where you kick open a door, throw a flashbang and storm in. In MOH Warfighter, you can choose how to go about breaching the door. Get headshots during breaches to unlock new ways of breaching doors!

Just like the 2010 version of the game, sniping is an absolute delight! It actually lets you learn the sniping basics- point, adjust for wind speed, hold your breath and shoot.

Characters and Storyline-
Dusty, an important character of MOH 2010, was wounded as the game ended. As the game ended, it was unclear if he made it. In this game, as events unfold, he turns out to be the handler of Mother and Preacher, also characters from the last installment. The unfolding of events is pretty impressive! The story follows two series of events- both in chronological order and they meet towards the end.

The Car Chase-
Ever heard of a hot pursuit inside a First Person Shooter game? Well, there is a mission 'Hot Pursuit' based in Pakistan where you have to chase down a car in an SUV which involves chasing through industrial areas, muddy roads, markets and residential complexes. There is a small issue though, the camera angle is through the dashboard one- but that is one small compromise I am willing to make!

Round the World Tour-
MOH Warfighter takes you everywhere- Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen- everywhere.

Weapon customization- 
Last, but not the least, you can customize weapons and even change their colours. Go online and give your platoon a logo.

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