Oct 13, 2012

Facepalm: So much for clearing the JEE?

On clearing the JEE, there is feeling of awesomeness. You start to think you have conquered the greatest examination in the whole wide world. True, you must have been truly a complete package to crack the JEE, but what you fail to understand is that it is not equivalent to winning a Nobel! There is a time during the stay in college that this feeling turns into plain stupidity! Here are the examples.

Email IDs:
3 out of 5 students in IIT Roorkee have an email ID of the pattern ***iitr***@gmail.com. Do you really think you should attach the word IIT to your personality? Do you think the IIT tag is something to show off? What's worse is that I have noticed professors following the trend as well. I could give away a few emails here, but it's better to avoid controversy.

Here are a few taglines you would find in the T shirts-
"IITian inside" (inspired by 'Intel Inside')
"I am where everyone wants to be... Down to Earth, but above all- IIT Roorkee"- Yeah, everyone wants to be in IITR, it must be better than MIT, right?
To say the truth, I wanted one as a memoir, but these great taglines put me off! I did get one though, but I also had 'El Nino' and the no 9 printed on the back! Changes the theme, but totally worth it!

IIT Goodies:
Backpacks with 'IIT' written on them, Notebooks with the picture of the main building of IIT Roorkee printed on the cover, random guys wearing the core team T shirts of the college fests- what else do you need, right? Truth be told, these things are meant to be given to your little sister.

Ideas on CGPA:
After the JEE, it seems as if there is nothing that can not be conquered. That leads to a common feeling that CGPA is totally unimportant. Well, it certainly doesn't measure your personality, but in this old fashioned education system, CGPA is probably everything. A threshold is required for everything ranging from sitting for placements to going into politics. So, if you are a five pointer, with all due respect, there are many things you are gonna miss.

The Great Entrepreneurs:
Again, the overconfidence can do wonders, if you know what I mean. The first and second years of college have the greatest number of start ups. However, there are very few which go beyond the small website on a free domain. True, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are drop outs, but think of the millions of others who couldn't do anything!

This is one website which gets the highest number of clicks in an IIT. With nothing better to do, a typical guy gets on Omegle hoping to talk strangers into believing the out of the genius he is. To accomplish this, he poses as a 16 year old girl from UK and starts the chat, only to find out the person of the other side is pretty much from the same IIT! #YOLO

All this being said about the JEE dudes, it has to be accepted that they are truly good. However, when it comes to the Matkas (again, no offense intended), they wear the IIT tag with pride- especially in the Facebook profiles, which feature a cover picture of the main building and a profile picture in some prominent area of the IIT. I would gladly put some screenshots, but again, no controversies!

Title is yet again the idea of The Cranky Dude.

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