Sep 6, 2011

Why is Bentley Microstation the worst software on the planet?

It was the start of 3rd semester for me, and one of the seven (tiring) subjects was Computer Graphics (just a fancy name for Computer Aided Design). Although the theory wasn't much of an issue, it was the practical that was the most irritating part... The software being used is Bentley Microstation, after using which, I have started loving Photoshop, seriously!

An ode to my teachers...

5th September, 2011: I got up at 8, had a super quick breakfast and somehow reached class on time. I came back, had my lunch, went to class again for the practicals... Just a normal day. On this day, there was a time when I used to be really excited to go to school for the celebrations of Teachers' Day... And I do not have enough words to express how much I actually miss it! My Teachers' Day has reduced to just a bunch of phone calls, but I believe all that matters is how we keep it alive in our heart...

Sep 4, 2011

Google Images: search for images using images

A few days ago, when I was preparing for my mid term examinations, I encountered this image of a Tsunami in the study material of Physical Geology. The waves seem pretty high(as high as the buildings)! I wanted to check if this picture was authentic! Now, all of a sudden, this new image search popped into my head. Turns out this image is no forgery. This a a picture from the 2004 Tsunami(also published in news websites, so it is authentic enough).

Sep 3, 2011

Bending the laws of Nature: Fringe Science

My date with Frince Science started just over a month ago when my friend gave me the T.V. Series 'Fringe'. It is totally based on the concept of fringe science, which is a result of bending the laws of nature. It got me so interested that I began recommending Fringe to my friends, but when they asked what it was about, there were not enough words in my vocabulary to answer them satisfactorily! Finally, I ended up giving this status update (but it didn't do much good, now, did it?).

Fringe remains the only T.V. Series I can't explain to my friends (unless of course I go into Fringe Science, which is no way self explanatory)! I can just say it's awesome :P

So I decided to extend that so that I don't have to explain it ever again! And yeah, this is probably the only post which lives up to the title of this blog. Transcendental, indeed!