Aug 30, 2012

'Cause Nothing Lasts Forever

Indigo announces the departure of its flight 6E 236 to Delhi. Passengers are requested to proceed to gate no 2A for boarding.

I was at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata. As I heard this, I thought about the last two months that I spent in Didi's Sonar Bangla, something she is so desperately trying to convert to the 'London of the East'.

Aug 9, 2012

The Volkswagen Ride

During the time of convocation, all the hotels are booked in R-Land. On the night of 3rd August, 2012, it was no exception. As the plan had been made just a day before the chapo, IMG could get a hotel only as near as All Seasons, which is four kilometers from the campus. That doesn't seem much in a metro like Delhi, but hello, this was Roorkee! Go outside the cantonment area and you get nothing but a highway.

Walter Lewin: The Physics Crackerjack!

The most dangerous demonstration in my opinion!
A tall, lanky figure, with an Albert Einstein like hairstyle, you would probably think he has been taken right out of a sci-fi horror movie. Especially after he starts his demonstrations, you would start questioning his sanity. At 76, he is a well known figure in cyber space for his video lectures. Possibly the only three courses which keep MIT Open Course Ware running, this guy is one who truly loves Physics.