Apr 24, 2011

My Second Home

Had I got one more correct answer  in JEE or avoided a mistake, I’d have been pursuing my  B. Tech in IIT Gandhinagar (chances are, I’d have chosen it over IIT Guwahati as well; that is because although I’m from Guwahati my father had been working in Gujarat back then). Almost a year ahead, I feel that decision would have been a blunder, and ironically, I’d never have realised it. Firstly, my father has just moved to Abu Dhabi. Secondly there’s no IMG in Gandhinagar (or any other IIT for that matter).

Apr 20, 2011

Conquering Google Search

When I was chatting with a friend of mine in fb, she asked me if I knew of any sites which provided weird facts/news. Being a great fan of Google (I seriously believe Google can solve ALL your problems), I asked her to google it. She then said that the search results were not good enough...
That is when my googling skills came into the picture. With one search string, I solved her problem (precisely the third result in the first page did!) That is exactly when I thought why not share with everyone the little things I know about Google search engine(its available everywhere,including google advanced search; its just that people don't look)!

Apr 17, 2011

I'm just a 'Law Abiding Citizen': Movie Recommendation

I have a huge collection of movies, around 140 GB in my laptop and another 160 odd GB as backup. Due to this reason, people usually come to me asking for movies to watch during the weekend, a trip home or a night out. Now, the first question that I ask them before giving them anything is this- "Have you watched Law Abiding Citizen?"

Apr 15, 2011

How I came up with the name- Transcendental Tech Talk...

This blog was titled 'Random Thoughts' at first when I had come up with the post on 'Browser Wars', as it was quite random then. Then my roomie asked me to post on the games I had played, which I immediately did! At that point of time, I thought, maybe its time to change the name, which I did at once to 'Random Geeky Stuff'.

That name seemed pretty cool to me then (I know it's a bit lame, isn't it?). After a few more hours and a few more hits (especially the ones from Russia got me thinking), I thought maybe, I don't like it that much.

Apr 14, 2011

First Person Shooters: Bulletstorm vs Homefront!

Except FIFA 11, the highest amount of time I waste (or utilize?) is by playing FPS games.
I'd like to share my experiences about two of the latest FPS games I have recently played.

Browser Wars- Which one is best for you?

A browser (technically a 'Web Browser') is an application software which, in layman terms, displays content on the web. In today's world you have a range of browsers to choose from: IE, Firefox, Chrome- you name it!