Apr 14, 2011

First Person Shooters: Bulletstorm vs Homefront!

Except FIFA 11, the highest amount of time I waste (or utilize?) is by playing FPS games.
I'd like to share my experiences about two of the latest FPS games I have recently played.

I heard of Bulletstorm for the first time during the mid-semester vacation back in Guwahati. I was browsing a shop for random games when i stumbled upon this beauty! I knew from the offset it had something special(although the cover art seems very cartoon-like :P). After struggling through the installation as McAfee was creating problems and given that, Games-For-Windows is not my favourite software! But what I got after that was indeed worth all the trouble.
Bulletstorm has characters who are brought to life by the awesome storyline. My personal favourite is Ishi(and not Gray as he drinks too much for a good leader), not because of he's transformed into a cyborg, but his unpredictable moves...
It has an impressive range of weapons to choose from and at times, its the right weapons which save you the time and energy to finish it off! And yeah, one very important thing I liked about this game is the kicking ability of the player! You can literally kick your enemies goodbye :P

I can say this is one one of the very few games that I had been eagerly waiting for...
After waiting quite some time for this, I finally got hold of this game, coincidentally the day I finished Bulletstorm...
This game has a great storyline again, this time a bit more emotional which actually helps you complete the game. During the course of the game, I got reminded of Hitler's Germany during WW II and the scenes of the hardships faced by the people are comparable to the ones shown in the game. As the game is set in 2027, only this time, it's the same story with some more technology.
As the game progresses, your skills are tested to the limit as you play for the resistance against the KPA (Korean People's Army; just like Germany, they've annexed almost all regions and America is almost shattered), your resources are always limited.
The campaign ends very abruptly as compared to Bulletstorm. However, it is one game which leaves you begging for more!

Which is better? I leave it for you to decide!

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