Apr 20, 2011

Conquering Google Search

When I was chatting with a friend of mine in fb, she asked me if I knew of any sites which provided weird facts/news. Being a great fan of Google (I seriously believe Google can solve ALL your problems), I asked her to google it. She then said that the search results were not good enough...
That is when my googling skills came into the picture. With one search string, I solved her problem (precisely the third result in the first page did!) That is exactly when I thought why not share with everyone the little things I know about Google search engine(its available everywhere,including google advanced search; its just that people don't look)!

Here are a few search parameters I use during my searches:

String in double quotes- Google searches for the EXACT string in double quotes

A "-" before a word in search string- Such words are excluded from the search. Eg. Searching 'shevchenko -chelsea' will give all results with shevchenko but not containing the word chelsea.

"site:" - For searching a particular website. Eg. 'IMG site:iitr.ernet.in' will search for the string "IMG" in the website iitr.ernet.in

"inurl:"- As the name suggests this parameter gives results where are a part of the url.

"intitle:"- Returns results where words in the search string are part of the title of the page.

"link:"- link:URL shows pages that point to that url. You can't combine it with other expressions.

"location:"- Shows results from a particular location.

"intext:"- Results contain words which are part of the text of the document.

"filetype:"- Searches for files with the given extension. Eg. filetype:doc searches for Microsoft Word documents (.doc)

However the best way to search for documents is using a combination of these parameters...

Happy Googling, folks! Hope Google makes your life easier (just as it has made mine!).

P S- There is no space between the search parameter and search string. Eg 'site: iitr.ernet.in' and 'site:iitr.ernet.in' are different, the later being correct.

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2 responses:

Animesh said...

And what about "sitemap:", the capabilities of google to work as a calculator, dictionary, thesarus, weather predictions and all?

Also, how to search for format specific documents?

Dada, throw some more light on these aspects as well!!

Shaumik Daityari said...

well, actually your googling skills can solve some issues like formal documents!

however, this was just a small view into the world of google search

(never heard of sitemap: as a parameter though)

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