Apr 28, 2013

You will be remembered

At IMG, we have a tradition of kicking out the seniors in style. In addition to the costumes, we give away a scrapbook, a common gift and a personal gift. The Scrapbook contains scraps from each and every member of IMG sharing their thoughts. I prefer writing one liners in those little chits, and it's not that I don't have anything to say, but because that little space would literally explode if I try to even think of putting my memories! Here is my version of the scrapbook.

Apr 1, 2013

How to Blog Anonymously

Just a few minutes ago, a friend of mine asked me if it would be safe to blog on a sensitive topic. Believe me, it's not worth the chances. Blogging can be very dangerous (not that I care, but I still make sure not to hurt sentiments on my blog...) So, I decided to help him out with something on how to blog anonymously.

Before I proceed, let me remind you that everything can be hacked. I take no responsibility on what you decide to do after reading this, or what happens if you do get caught. These must just be treated as guidelines. After all, you must remain careful, the world out there is not so safe.

Finally, something to be happy about

The way the season has shaped out for Chelsea, there are just two competitions that they can win now out of the probable seven at the start of the season. With so much drama all season, this is one thing that really made me happy. Not just that it was sheer class from Demba Ba, which undermines a great cross from Juan Mata, but this moment of brilliance effectively knocked out the league leaders. The look on Fergie's face was worth the wait.