Dec 17, 2013

Of Elections in the Largest Democracy

A certain boy in a certain corner of the country once told his father, "I want to be a politician."
"Stop this nonsense and go back to study," came the reply.

Do you know what was the mistake of that kid? He was unfortunate enough to be born in India, ironically the world's largest democracy.

Dec 16, 2013

Math the #1 reason why we waste study time

We have all been in that situation. You fixed 6 PM as the time you would sit down to study, after watching that all important TV show. You feel lazy and switch off the TV five minutes late. You stretch your limbs, have a soft drink, check your texts and before you realize, it’s 6.15 already. You decide to start off at 6.30 with a fresh mind. Although you wasted half an hour, you would still get off at 8 for the birthday party of your friend.

Dec 15, 2013

5 Must-Have Android Apps

I wouldn't bore you with my story of the ChaCha, how it (or rather HTC) betrayed me (Yes, HTC has pathetic after-sales service), or how I got my hands on a shiny new Galaxy S4 (or perhaps, I already have!) Let's just cut on to what I am about to tell you. Back to using the Android for over a month now, here are my favorite apps!

The Tablet Times

With the microprocessor chips getting more powerful, yet smaller, smaller devices are getting smarter and more capable of doing things that couldn't be imagined even a few years ago. Could you imagine coming home late from work, sending a signal to your television to automatically start recording your favorite program? Well, the things that we can do are going beyond our imagination!

As of late, I have been doing some things with my Android device which has succeeded to make life difficult for others. Did I tell you about the time that I switched off the canteen TV with my Android device? (Yes, it has an infrared sensor which does the trick!) The bewildered look on the canteen owner’s face with bulging white eyeballs was priceless! There was this other time when I used a Bluetooth mouse to control my Android device because I was too damn bored of the touch-screen. Those may be interesting times, but what I am about to tell you is far more exciting…

Dec 1, 2013

Wlinkster's new scam

Over the past few weeks, I have been doing some freelancing, due to which my blog hasn't got my attention as much as it used to in the past (when I had a lot of free time), but today, being a Sunday, I thought let's give it some well deserved attention. Although I wasn't going to write on Wlinkster and Sagar Rana, a message in Facebook compelled me to tell the people what exactly the Wlinkster team has been doing since their "high potential" startup literally failed (who boasts of an Alexa rank now?)