Dec 15, 2013

5 Must-Have Android Apps

I wouldn't bore you with my story of the ChaCha, how it (or rather HTC) betrayed me (Yes, HTC has pathetic after-sales service), or how I got my hands on a shiny new Galaxy S4 (or perhaps, I already have!) Let's just cut on to what I am about to tell you. Back to using the Android for over a month now, here are my favorite apps!


Ever got that cool link from your friend and wanted to stash it away until you had the time to read through it? Wanted to watch that funny video but you are late for class? Well, Pocket comes to the rescue. What's better is your phone, tablet and computer get synced. Yup, if you have Pocket, well, you don't have Pocket.

BlackBerry Messenger:
Up until last week, if you checked out the list of the popular free android apps on Google Play, you would find that WhatsApp topped the list, and quite rightly so. However, as soon as (the dying) BlackBerry decided to put up their most popular app for free on the Android Market, the scenario has changed. With BBM, you get the much needed privacy and well, the annoying people stay away. Oh, and there's the BlackBerry encryption too! (Psst, I hear that Obama had to fight tooth and nail to keep his BlackBerry because the encryption was too much for the Secret Service.)

Minion Rush:
Temple Run lovers, stay away. Minion Rush has everything that Temple Run did and does even better! What makes the gameplay even better is the fact that there's a movie associated with it. There's a little downside though. Owing to it's high system requirements, it usually runs without lag only if your device has a Quad core processor (Nexus 7 for instance runs it smoothly, but the experience is really bad in the Galaxy Tab 2). Either ways, my phone runs it well and it's quite addictive.

There's Google Keep or a load of other applications to manage your to-do list, but there's hardly anything as good as Todoist. Having used it for almost a year, first its website and then as a Chrome extension, there is nothing better to remind me to do that little thing that I always wanted to.

Hill Climb Racing:
I save the best for the last. And I won't say anything for this. Just install it (doesn't need any fancy hardware) and go haywire!

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