Dec 15, 2013

The Tablet Times

With the microprocessor chips getting more powerful, yet smaller, smaller devices are getting smarter and more capable of doing things that couldn't be imagined even a few years ago. Could you imagine coming home late from work, sending a signal to your television to automatically start recording your favorite program? Well, the things that we can do are going beyond our imagination!

As of late, I have been doing some things with my Android device which has succeeded to make life difficult for others. Did I tell you about the time that I switched off the canteen TV with my Android device? (Yes, it has an infrared sensor which does the trick!) The bewildered look on the canteen owner’s face with bulging white eyeballs was priceless! There was this other time when I used a Bluetooth mouse to control my Android device because I was too damn bored of the touch-screen. Those may be interesting times, but what I am about to tell you is far more exciting…


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived two brothers- Crazy and Cranky. They were known to terrorize the poor villagers. One day, the villages cast a spell which bound them to a millennium of good deeds. Two superheroes were thus born. Over the centuries, they have been known by many names and appeared many times in history, but fast forward into present time and Crazy has become became Tenie, the modern Genie and Cranky took up a life of fighting crime...

... with a tablet.

Meet The Tabeteer. He intercepts police chatter by hacking into their channel, and gets to the crime scene before them. He then scans the vicinity with his tablet and using 3D reconstruction, tries to deduce how the crime took place.

The Tabeteer then uses his tablet to get satellite data to track the villain to his lair. On confrontation, it's battle to the death with the villain! But our hero has an advantage- the tab! One smash and the villain is defeated. The Tabeteer saves the day. Oh wait, the day is not complete yet. Tabeteer then posts a selfie fighting crime on this Facebook page!

This gem of a person eats tablet, drinks tablet, prays tablet, sleeps tablet… lives tablet. Tablet is his Religion!

Tenie, on the other hand, is the modern tech-savvy Genie who comes with a Tab. He carefully chooses his master after rounds of shortlisting among potential candidates all over the world, who apply through his website.

He is summoned not by rubbing a lamp, but by clicking the lamp icon on your Tab. He can give you all the wealth in the world, thanks to the Tab again, which gains him access to Swiss bank accounts in a flash.

Tenie can speak in a variety of languages- well, at least all the ones present in Google translate. He can also transfer you to the nearest restaurant serving your favorite food! Huh, who needs Siri and her suggestions?

He even encourages youngsters to use the latest technology. He gives away mobile phones and tablets for free to children to encourage them to get in groove with the latest technology. However, little do these unsuspecting kids know that it's Tenie's big brother way to keeping tabs on their activities and creating a database which even God would envy!

It's been centuries and the blood brothers still have over half their sentence to complete. Till then, you can lean back on your chair and rest assured that if something happens to you, they will have your back!

This post is written for the BetterWay contest by IndiBlogger and Lenovo.

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