Dec 23, 2012

Champions League winning team in FIFA 13

Starting a career mode with QPR, here is my Champions League winning squad after three years in career mode of FIFA 13. Always try to get them young, and develop them into the stars. Bender brothers are examples.

Position Name Club (Initial) Age OVR (Initial) OVR (Current)
GK Marc-Andre ter Stegen Bor. M'gladbach (Germany) 22 80 83
GK Thibaut Courtois Athletico Madrid (Spain) 22 79 80
GK Jamal Blackman Chelsea (England) 21 58 60
RB Kyle Walker Spurs (England) 24 78 86
RB Carl Jenkinson Arsenal (England) 23 65 75
RB Jose Bosingwa QPR (England) 32 75 72
CB Mats Hummels Bor. Dortmund (Germany) 26 85 87
CB Jerome Boateng FC Bayern (Germany) 26 79 85
CB Jeffrey Bruma Hamburger SV (Germany) 23 72 83
CB Mikel San Jose Athletic Bilbao (Spain) 25 77 83
LB David Alaba FC Bayern (Germany) 22 77 84
LB Armand Traore QPR (England) 25 70 80
LB Jordan Lukaku RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) 20 62 72
CDM Lars Bender Bor. Dortmund (Germany) 25 81 85
CDM Sven Bender Bayer 04 (Germany) 25 81 85
CM Josh McEachran Middlesbrough (England) 22 71 82
CAM Kevin de Bruyne Werder Bremen (Germany) 23 78 85
CAM Adel Taarabt QPR (England) 25 78 84
CAM Nikos Koutroubis - 20 - 72
RW Daniel Sturridge Chelsea (England) 25 78 85
LM Junior Hoillett QPR (England) 24 77 85
LW Iker Muniain Athletic Bilbao (Spain) 22 80 83
ST Lorenzo Insigne Napoli (Italy) 23 75 83
ST Eduardo Vargas Napoli (Italy) 25 75 85
ST Romelu Lukaku West Brom (England) 21 74 83
ST Wilfred Bony Vitesse (Netherlands) 26 78 85

Preferred Starting XI (4-2-2-1-1):

ter Stegen(GK)

Walker(RB) Boateng(CB)
Hummels(CB) Alaba(LB)

Lars Bender(RDM)

de Bruyne (LAM)

Hoilett (LW)


Bony (ST)

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Dec 22, 2012

The Great Indian Law Enforcement- Why India needs a Superhero?

In the capital of this great country, a girl and a guy board a bus after watching a movie. Both of them are stripped, beaten up with iron rods by the some six people in the bus, the girl gang raped, and thrown out of the bus. It was a private, unlicensed bus, and perhaps, that was the only mistake on the part of the two- but was it really a mistake? If we consider a private bus with tinted windows to be unsafe, why would it be allowed to run on the streets on the first place? What happened to the police patrols in the area?

The Great Etisalat Customer Service

Dear Customer, You have currently 96.55 MB left in your  "1GB Mobile Broadband" package. Additional charges will apply on exceeding your data package limit. To subscribe to higher package please call 101.

Life was going on nicely in the UAE when I got this text. Naturally, I switch off images to save data, and open Facebook just once daily to minimize data usage. The additional charges are not like the ones in India which are perhaps ₹ 0.80 per MB (BSNL) - they are 1 AED per MB, which rounds off to around ₹ 15! After thinking for some time, the only feasible option for me- UPGRADE. These are my calls to 101(aka Customer Service).

Dec 15, 2012

Who let the Jerks out?

This is a re-post. Original post can be found here- Insane IITians.

This blog post is the blogger's imagination. Any resemblance to any other real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. This supersedes all previous notices.

The Rowdy Keralite:

Rowdy was born in Kannur district of Kerala. Since his childhood, he has taken great joy in irritating others. He would steal the lunch boxes of his friends in school, and then laugh at their bewildered faces! Once it so happened that he did the same to a new boy, who, in turn, hit him so hard that he changed his life forever. Since that fateful incident, he has been wearing a plastic nose to hide his true deformed face.

Dec 14, 2012

The TV World: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
Ah, isn't he the very soul of the series since the Pilot? He is probably the sole reason the series has been so popular. His talent can be seen in the little video below, where he summarizes seven seasons in a single minute:

Dec 13, 2012

The little things of Arabia

The Potato Chips:
The best ones I have ever had. Right from the texture and flavour to the price and amount, they are wonderful!

On 21st December 2012- the World's End

Those who do follow by blog would know how I feel about the world ending on 21st December. For those who don't, feel free to visit this link.

Dec 12, 2012

The Curious Case of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

I first witnessed Mahendra Singh Dhoni when he played for India A. Against a Pakistan A, coming in to bat at no 3 with his locks fluttering in the wind, blazing off to a hundred and guiding the team to victory almost single-handedly- I could see it would not be long until he does the same for the national team. Fast forward a few months, and he had cemented his place in the national team. A quickfire 183 against Sri Lanka and he was the one who everybody loved!

Dec 5, 2012

The IRCTC experience

IRCTC- this was the website through which I did my first online transaction. There was a time, I would get up at 7.30, have my bath and sit at the computer to book tickets, as the reservation would start at 8. The internet connection was slow, so I was patient. Times have changed, internet speeds are off the charts, it makes me wonder why IRCTC still runs at the same speed it used to then!

Lo, here cometh the reformer

^The title stinks actually! Anyways, let's continue...

It's just one more semester until I reach the fourth year, and into an administrative position in IMG, with a fancy named post! For those who have no idea what IMG is, read this.