Dec 22, 2012

The Great Indian Law Enforcement- Why India needs a Superhero?

In the capital of this great country, a girl and a guy board a bus after watching a movie. Both of them are stripped, beaten up with iron rods by the some six people in the bus, the girl gang raped, and thrown out of the bus. It was a private, unlicensed bus, and perhaps, that was the only mistake on the part of the two- but was it really a mistake? If we consider a private bus with tinted windows to be unsafe, why would it be allowed to run on the streets on the first place? What happened to the police patrols in the area?

Sheila Dixit points out the sorry state of the poor getting poorer in Gujarat as a reply to Narendra Modi’s progress, but shouldn’t she look at how safe she has made the streets of Delhi as compared to Gujarat, or even Uttar Pradesh?

There are numerous such cases like this, where the Government tries to wait for a few days for the initial public reaction to cool down, and the culprits, although they are caught and convicted, escape with a light sentence.  Where is the media during the sentencing? - The same media which goes on showing the same news, the same interviews when the issue is burning hot!

If this is the state of affairs a girl has to face all her life, wouldn’t it be kinder on the part of the parents to go for sex selective abortion? Why would a girl child want to live a society where we are taught to respect elders, but not women?

There is no immediate solution to this, especially in a democracy like ours. It is ironical to note that in a country where the government is made by the people, of the people and for the people, there is hardly any progress as the leaders do not take any responsibility! With the next elections in two years, a new government might come to power giving promises of fast track courts, but rest assured, nothing will change. These heartless predators will continue to roam the streets at night, preying on unsuspecting victims, and continue to get away with it.

The law of our country is one of the strictest against crimes against women, courtesy the conservative culture, but that doesn’t discourage the would-be criminals- why? The only reason I can think of is the lack of enforcement of these laws. There are cases when policemen even refuse to lodge FIRs. Take the case of the Uttar Pradesh CM who has accepted that his police force is highly inefficient! In such a dire situation, where would the victims go? To Arnab Goswami?

If you ask me, there are certain things in my mind that could help in preventing such incidents!

Yes, I have always wanted to be a sniper, and this might be the effect of all those military and SWAT movies, but this strikes me as a pretty effective bad-ass solution. There must be snipers with high tech gear, including night vision, all over the city at strategic locations with the license to shoot at will. No courts, no jurisdiction- direct death during the crime or even events leading up to the crime. If you even try to eve tease- your brains would be out in your hands at the blink of an eye? Isn’t that enough incentive to avoid would-be criminals?

Self Defence weapons:
I agree the sniper option is really not feasible unless India gets its own Hitler, but this looks more pragmatic. Give the womenfolk access to pepper-spray, pocket knives, maybe even stunt guns. Hell, provide even grenades- some would rather like the suicide bombing, killing the brutal animals in the process, rather than facing the people running the judiciary!

Leave ‘em to the public:
The public outrage these events are causing of late, some people are suggesting that the people should be given a punishment worse than the death penalty. What can be better than leaving them to the public? Someone is frustrated at their family, someone is frustrated at the performance of the cricket team, and someone is frustrated due to academics- these events just act as a medium to vent out these public frustrations, all of which would be directed to the criminals. Isn’t that exactly what they deserve?

Islamic Laws:
Why are crimes almost nil in the middle east? Why? Primarily because of the advancement in technology with CCTV cameras not sparing even the dark corners, but I feel the punishments are what keeps them in control. If you steal, your hands would be cut off.  And heinous crimes have one punishment- a hanging in the public, with mandatory presence of the people living in the vicinity.

An Anti-hero Dexter:
I have always had a gut feeling that Dexter is the solution to all these issues. No matter how effective the laws are, the filth always find a way around it- be it a minor error in the report, or a cunning defence attorney. Only Dexter is the solution in this horrible world. Dexter Morgan, we need you! Please, wherever you are- come out- you have my support!

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