Jul 25, 2011

Third semester kick starts...

It has been exactly a week since I came back from home, and the developments that have taken place in this short period of time are quite significant... In fact, I have had quite a hard time...
Things that I have learnt last week:

Jul 9, 2011

Diabetes Terrors

One fine afternoon, I was enjoying an episode of Numb3rs and I heard someone calling out my name faintly. It was my grandfather, sitting at a chair, profusely sweating and saying his vision had suddenly blurred. I calmly went to the refrigerator, took out some sweets and gave it to him (knowing very well that he had high diabetes). He came back to normal within a few minutes. The issue was that his blood sugar has suddenly fell, a condition known as hypoglycemia, symptoms of which include the ones he had. Being very experienced with this disease, I (and for that matter, my grandfather as well) knew for sure it was indeed hypoglycemia.

Jul 5, 2011

Create bootable USB drive to install Windows 7 / Vista

Imagine you have a netbook without an optical drive, or maybe imagine yourself in my situation 2 years ago: optical drive of the laptop worn out. And you want to reinstall Windows! What are you supposed to do? Well, chances are, you'd go to Datamation (for non Guwahati-ians, that's a shop where you're supposed to get everything related to IT) or give Dell a call. In case you love Google (just as I do), you may search for possibilities. Well, I did the later and realised the best way to deal with such a situation is to create a bootable flash drive. This is how you go about doing the same!

Jul 4, 2011

Dare to think beyond the IIPM!

'Dare to think beyond IITs and IIMs?', oh yeah, there's MIT or Harvard! But IIPM? You must be crazy! The other day (well, it was almost a month ago), I tuned into Times Now to watch 'The Newshour Debate', and for the first time, got a chance to listen to the 'great' Arindam Chaudhuri. The one fact that is pretty obvious about this dude is that he has never learnt to SHUT UP! It is quite amusing to listen to the same fact over and over and over and over and over and over again, with the basic sentence structure being changed everytime (reminds me of the P.E.)... Seriously, we know how awesome IIPM is, that is why I decided to encourage others to join this 'deemed university'.