Jul 4, 2011

Dare to think beyond the IIPM!

'Dare to think beyond IITs and IIMs?', oh yeah, there's MIT or Harvard! But IIPM? You must be crazy! The other day (well, it was almost a month ago), I tuned into Times Now to watch 'The Newshour Debate', and for the first time, got a chance to listen to the 'great' Arindam Chaudhuri. The one fact that is pretty obvious about this dude is that he has never learnt to SHUT UP! It is quite amusing to listen to the same fact over and over and over and over and over and over again, with the basic sentence structure being changed everytime (reminds me of the P.E.)... Seriously, we know how awesome IIPM is, that is why I decided to encourage others to join this 'deemed university'.

Well, for starters, Arindam Chaudhuri is a guy with minimal academic qualifications (M.A. Economics Correspondence, Chennai University). And he has been able to fool so many people into believing in his 'theories'! As my uncle puts it, 'I don't know if he's a good speaker or a bad speaker, but he's certainly a brutal speaker; he can kill people with his talk!'
And I am pretty sure his 'i-theory' actually stands for idiocracy theory :P
Even if you don't like to read newspapers, watch minimum TV, don't go out much often, I am quite certain you must have come across the IIPM ad, if not anything else! These guys say you get "FREE" laptops, well, MARK MY WORDS, the cost of these will be just a tiny fraction of the money you have to shell out in case you enter this 'B-School'! Oh, and did I mention that these laptops can't even run Counter Strike properly :P
Fun fact: Did you know Arindam Chaudhuri has a Jaguar and a BMW among others? Well, you can surely guess where the money comes from!
Looking at the professors of Harvard, Yale, Cambridge that they promise, it's just those 'guest lectures' by a handful who are being paid huge amounts of money for the negligible amount of time given by them!
Let's talk of placements... One more fun fact: Did you know almost everyone in the IIPM faculty is an IIPM grad? Well, that's great. These guys surely love IIPM 'till death do us part' style!
Ok, assuming you were not placed. Now, what? Wait, don't you think you need to make sure you have a 'real' degree? Well, the ad says, '... it does not come under the purview of AICTE, UGC or other state acts...'. IIPM says a certain IMI in Europe provides this degree. A simple Google search yields nothing but a list of sites related to IMI but then, no other satisfactory references are there! Well, your degree is no good, then, is it?

A quote from a blog,
'It is also interesting to note how few IMI degrees (which are scraps of paper, useless anyway) are awarded every year. IIPM /Planman have controlling stake in IMI. So IMI cannot terminate its contract with IIPM even if it wanted to. One of the better kept industry secrets is that IIPM has the controlling stake in the Times of India as well. So the Times would never go so far as to criticize it. But Hindustan Times is not obligated to do so. That is why the criticisms of IIPM first appeared in HT.'

Now, that means that if I start giving a degree to you guys, it'll be as good as the IIPM one!

Quoting another site dedicated to this,
'What kind of business education can be offered by tax cheats? As of 2005, IIPM had underpaid taxes by Rs. 3.3 crores. In 2007, the Indian Government's Ministry of Finance formally initiated proceedings against IIPM for failing to pay taxes from 2004 to 2006. (Source: Government of India, May 15, 2007; The Hindu, December 7, 2005)'

Another good article on the IIPM fraud can be found here.

Now, UGC has declared IIPM as a fake, for which it has been dragged to the court by IIPM... As the case is settled by law(I promise, I'll be very old by then), it is up to the state education departments to shoo IIPM away from its borders! The Uttarakhand registrar has, in fact, recommended a ban! Have a detailed look here.

The first time that this issue was brought to light was way back in '05, when JAM magazine published a piece investigating the claims IIPM made in its advertisements. Have a look at the original article.

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-Abhi said...

All he and his crew do, is to exaggerate petty stuffs with big banners and bills.... f**king
2ndly... Hats off to u... U scratched out even that the lappys fetched by him cannot run Counter Strike. Poor doomed students rather, it would not be insane from any angle to refer him as the shepherd with his poor sheeps :-P
It seems u're behind him finding faults :-P ;-)

Ram said...

Your wordings are hell funny!! :D And its probably better to sit at home doing nothing than to join IIPM!!

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