Jun 26, 2011

How to beat Barcelona in the FIFA Series?

Note: This was written keeping in mind FIFA 11, but it would work pretty well in any other version as well.

As a person who loves FIFA, I have played all versions of the game since the year 2000! Back then, all teams were more or less equal, and you could beat Brazil playing with DC United in the highest difficulty level! However, this has drastically changed over the years... In the latest version of FIFA, I find that the most difficult opponent is no doubt Barcelona (after the 'invincible' Classic XI and the World XI).

Jun 25, 2011

Heard of Andre Villas Boas and Laura Robson?

Two significant events of the week, which made two previously (almost) unheard individuals quite popular, were the appointment of the new Chelsea manager and the hard fight put up by 17-year old Laura Robson against former world number one Maria Sharapova!

Jun 21, 2011

The 'awesome' condition of the Assam State Zoo

On the 'World Music Day'(I intentionally start this post in such a manner because it makes the reader think I did something related to music, but NO), I visited the Zoo along with Pratik and Ved Vyas (OH YES, it was indeed the Mamma's boy, Ved Vyas; he finally grew up enough to come to the zoo, but then, he was, as usual, late trying to run after every city bus...) Being of the few 'natural' places left in Guwahati to hang out, it was certainly a very bad decision(they only good thing was that I could meet the other two guys...)

Jun 16, 2011

Let's FIFA 11!

I have been following this series since the release of FIFA 2000. After the huge success of FIFA 2010, following quite a few significant developments, I was wondering what was there to be improved! The first thing you would notice about FIFA 11 is that its size is just lower than its predecessor, but considering the fact that the graphics are far better, it’s a great job done by EA.

Jun 13, 2011

From the first bench to the dais: My saga at the ImpaCt Education Centre continues...

It was a Sunday evening...

Sunday- a very tough day for someone who is preparing for the JEE, especially if you are enrolled in ImpaCt Education Centre! One thing needs to be clarified before we proceed. The 'C' of 'ImpaCt' is written is capitals. That's something we follow by tradition. Even Manav Sir (for the record, and for all those who are in doubt, he teaches Chemistry here; in fact the best Chemistry teacher Guwahati has to offer and he's also the owner of ImpaCt) couldn't explain why it is so.

Jun 12, 2011

Watch Out- Enter the World of Web Design!

I had completed just 20 odd days in Roorkee when Watch Out came recruiting... WONA, being the official news magazine of IIT-R, I was more interested in getting into Editorial (News, Design, Finance and Web Design being the rest). As you may know, I was 'incapable' of getting in design (to be true, I am not that creative!) or finance (I know only how to save for myself :P), my preference order was Ed, followed by news and web design. The only reason I put web design was that I knew a bit of HTML! After a brainstorming session(precisely what is termed the second round interview), I never expected that I'd get into WONA. However, that night, I got a call from an unknown number...