Jun 12, 2011

Watch Out- Enter the World of Web Design!

I had completed just 20 odd days in Roorkee when Watch Out came recruiting... WONA, being the official news magazine of IIT-R, I was more interested in getting into Editorial (News, Design, Finance and Web Design being the rest). As you may know, I was 'incapable' of getting in design (to be true, I am not that creative!) or finance (I know only how to save for myself :P), my preference order was Ed, followed by news and web design. The only reason I put web design was that I knew a bit of HTML! After a brainstorming session(precisely what is termed the second round interview), I never expected that I'd get into WONA. However, that night, I got a call from an unknown number...

'Hi! It's Shreyas, from Watch Out. Listen, you've been selected in the Web Cell. Are you happy?'
'Of course, I am!'

Although I was little sad for not getting in the beloved Ed cell, it was no match for my joy of getting into Watch Out! And that was my entry to the wonderful world of web designing!

Shortly thereafter, it was time to select a cell in NSS (How I ended up in NSS after literally running from NCC is a different story altogether, and I am planning to write about it shortly)... After a quick look at the cells, the only one that  caught my eye was the Web & Publicity cell! I somehow sent the required email (requirements were HTML and CSS and I swear I hardly knew what CSS meant then) and guess what, I was selected without even an interview! Almost a year after, I think there was not enough interest in  Web Design either in WONA or NSS which led to my selections in either one of them...

All of this had happened in August, and it was December! I finally, got my first assignment; revamping the existing NSS site, alongwith Ashwini... And Ashwini assigned me to make a banner for the site! Seriously, a banner! Well, I never made that, but got a better job instead: to Ajaxify the site (I loved the term from the word go!) Meanwhile, I joined IMG and started doing some more serious stuff and from that point onwards, there was no looking back!

And that my friends, is the story of how I entered the tag world!

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