Jun 21, 2011

The 'awesome' condition of the Assam State Zoo

On the 'World Music Day'(I intentionally start this post in such a manner because it makes the reader think I did something related to music, but NO), I visited the Zoo along with Pratik and Ved Vyas (OH YES, it was indeed the Mamma's boy, Ved Vyas; he finally grew up enough to come to the zoo, but then, he was, as usual, late trying to run after every city bus...) Being of the few 'natural' places left in Guwahati to hang out, it was certainly a very bad decision(they only good thing was that I could meet the other two guys...)
Firstly, temperatures were 'Roorkee high'! On top of the heat, we had to walk a lot! That is acceptable, but the fact that the zoo is in a pathetic condition, is NOT!

Firstly, comes the cleanliness... Considering I had last visited it about a decade ago, my memory was a bit hazy regarding everything there! But the moment you enter its premises, the first thing that you notice is the smell :/ right from the deers to the giraffe(yes, there's only a single giraffe), you can actually notice the poor condition of the animals due to the horrible maintenance! And that, of course leads to the animals being over lethargic! Every single animal seemed to be really sad as if they had not had food for weeks together. In fact, the only one to show any enthusiasm was the leopard, and maybe the only (moderately) 'young' one there! As Ved Vyas had warned us, we decided not to even go within a hundred metres of the hippo as we already had experienced the depressing smell of the tigers and the leopards! As elephants are very common in this part of the country, we just decided to skip that! The snake house was in an equally sorry condition, with most of the places having no snakes :(

The precautions for protecting the visitors from the tigers have increased considerably after the incident a few years ago. I, however, did manage a few snaps of the (apparently) lazy cats! There was one, in the water, which didn't move during the whole duration of our trip! Amazing laziness!

However, the most lamentable fact about the zoo was the condition of the giraffe! Considering only a single one was left, shouldn't it get royal treatment? Well, have a look at it yourself! I can't imagine anything worse!

What do you say? Is this what tourists come and see? For the record, this is the only zoo in the state! So, I just don't feel like saying anything more! Do leave your thoughts on the fact though...

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Ram said...

Even the lions there are lazy...the deers roam around freely in the entire zoo compound...there are no noisy gibbons...and bears can jump out of their enclosures whenever they want...the birds are really good...the panther, wild cat and leopards place is a mountain climb! I was out of breath upon reaching the pinnacle!

Shaumik Daityari said...

i saw a mongoose cross my path! just a few metres from me!

Ram said...

Sometimes even the lions go out for an occasional stroll around the zoo showing the people around who's boss!

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