Jun 25, 2011

Heard of Andre Villas Boas and Laura Robson?

Two significant events of the week, which made two previously (almost) unheard individuals quite popular, were the appointment of the new Chelsea manager and the hard fight put up by 17-year old Laura Robson against former world number one Maria Sharapova!

Before we go any further (ok, I agree that we are still at the starting position) let us clear the pronunciation for this guy here! Andre Villas Boas is pronounced Aand-Reh ViYasH BoasH. I emphasize on that fact very much, maybe because he's about to create history... I may be thinking a bit too much, but the youngest Champions League winning manager, maybe 12 months from now?

I am sure he's quite unheard of among the laymen... That is because he started his coaching career only in 2009, when he left Mourinho's Inter staff and joined Premeira Liga team Academica, who were bottom of the league then and without any wins... He steered them to the 11th place and also the semis of the League Cup! Following that, he joined Porto in June '10, breaking all possible records set by Mourinho, most important of which was the difference of 21 points between the first and second placed team (that league has only 30 matches, unlike the 38 in EPL)! However, one important decision by AvB was the release of two senior players of Porto, putting a question mark over the futures of Lampard, Drogba and Paulo Ferriera...
Considering all of this and the fact that he was a part of Mourinho's staff during his Chelsea years, he is very well acquainted with the English game and most Chelsea players... Let's just hope for the best!

Coming back to Robson, she does remind me of Jodie Foster (Clarice in 'Silence of the Lambs'). The fact that she's just 17 strikes me because her opponent was the same age when she had won her first grand slam back in '04, defeating the then 'invincible' Serena Williams! The first thing that you would notice about her (except the fact that she looks like Jadie Foster) is her serve, with a very impressive action! Her dominant serve helps her get hold of quite a few crucial points. She also has a good return of serve, and very good timing. Kind of reminds me of the 17-year old Sharapova (and the 16-year old Martina Hingis). However, she is not as quick as the then-Sharapova... giving up on certain half chances! As she's not that quick, she must improve. She definitely has the potential to reach the elite, but whether she reaches there is actually up to her!

By the way, if you had heard of both of them in the past, hats off to you!
(Personally, I had been following Villas Boas for the last 6 months or so, but had no idea about Robson until yesterday...)

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