Dec 13, 2012

On 21st December 2012- the World's End

Those who do follow by blog would know how I feel about the world ending on 21st December. For those who don't, feel free to visit this link.

As it turns out, I would still be out of the country when the world apparently ends just over a week from now. Am I scared? Yes, but rather of the dragon under my bed.

Just like the days preceding the rapture (sometime in May 2011), the weak hearts turned to Google for solace. Searches for 'rapture' and related keywords were at an all time high- I believe this is gonna happen again. After all, history repeats, right?

Anyways, what I have come to know since then is that the Mayans did not count the leap year, which was created in 45 BCE, and there have been 514 leap years since. So, according to the Mayan prediction, the world should have ended about eight months ago. Anyways, what's wrong in speculating about the same?

Coming back to 21st December, yes, I do think the world is gonna end. Here's why-
  • India lose the fourth test against England, losing the series 3-1 on home soil. The selectors keep their faith in Dhoni. Indian public is outraged, and a nationwide strike turns into a pandemic when the T-virus is accidentally released.
  • The internet crashes due to overcrowding in Google, Facebook and Twitter, leading to their servers being blown to bits. The most common search term- 'Is Justin Bieber safe?'
  • The aforementioned dragon under my bed decides to come out and search for its true rider, burning everything in the process. The whole Arabian peninsula, including the oil wells, is destroyed by its rage.
  • Axl Rose decides to reunite with Slash and Izzy. The resulting concert is attended by a record audience(rumored to include all members of One Direction). Axl doesn't like a fan in the front row with a camera, and says- 'Because of the lame ass security, I'm going home.' This results an another riot, one which leads to the loss of billions of dollars. Investigations reveal that the fan was just a Kurt Cobain lookalike, which didn't really please Rose.
  • The (descendents of) Spartans put up a spirited fight, and even being thousands in number, are unable to save the world from the wrath of the growing number of stupid people.
  • A tsunami hits the Indian coast. It would not have resulted in any loss of life and property had thousands of people not been out into the beach with their belongings as a sign from God, following their spiritual leader, Baba Kam-deo.
  • The Decepticons take over the Earth. It turns out the Autobots were being secretly assassinated since the Mayans predicted the end of the World. They are then pitted against the creators of the human race (from Prometheus) and well, I did not live to see who won.

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