Dec 14, 2012

The TV World: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
Ah, isn't he the very soul of the series since the Pilot? He is probably the sole reason the series has been so popular. His talent can be seen in the little video below, where he summarizes seven seasons in a single minute:

Michael Scofield (Prison Break):
The mastermind behind the prison break in Prison Break, he is probably one of the smartest fictional characters (after Sheldon Cooper). A Civil Engineer by profession, he works his way to save his brother, wrongly accused (and found guilty) of murder. The way he works his way in the prison, making friendships, and more importantly keeping the enemies close is pretty impressive. The fact that is killed off at the end of the final season is a bit of a turn off, but he is probably one of the few people who have been portrayed perfectly in a TV Series. He is truly the creative genius.

Chandler Bing (Friends):
Although Friends is arguably the most popular sitcom ever, Chandler Bing is perhaps the most influential among the six! From the contrasting personalities of his parents (an erotic novelist, and a cross-dressing Las Vegas star), to his inability to pose for photos, or the fact that he can never (truly) quit smoking makes him a unique a character. However, one thing that stands above all of these is his sarcasm! Have a look yourself.

Sheldon Cooper (Bing Bang Theory):
The person with perhaps the highest IQ in a TV show, he is the extreme portrayal of a geek. A lack of social skills, and a weird perception of sarcasm and humour, he probably thinks of the people near him as inferiors. He also shows highly insufficient empathy. Not so surprisingly, he has an opinion on everything, because of high reasoning and logical behavior. For being not-so-normal, he usually ends up replying to his doubters- I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested. The usual practical joke also ends with a Bazinga! The following video shows Dr Sheldon Cooper (PhD) explain the rules of the game Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.

The Bad (Ass):

Dexter Morgan (Dexter):
The concept of a good serial killer is usually weird to grasp, but Dexter really defines the term. A blood splatter analyst working for the police by day, he is a serial killer by night, targeting murderers who have escaped the judicial system. To avoid getting caught, he follows a protocol known as 'The Code', which were developed during his childhood by his adoptive father, which say that he must only kill after he gets proper evidence against the 'victim', and that he must dispose off the evidence carefully. What's surprising is that he eventually develops a family, but what happens later is a different story. His reel life crimes have inspired a few real life crimes, but they are just twisted minds desperately in need of an excuse for their acts!

Neal Caffrey (White Collar):
A con artist, and a consultant for the White Collar division of FBI later in his life, Neal Caffrey is neatest portrayal I have ever seen. He shows a huge knowledge base on art and foreign languages, apparently self taught as Neal never completed even high school. He has a wide range of talents, and is helped by Mozzie in most of his acts. The main protagonist, along with Peter Burke, Neal is the heart and soul of White Collar. An elegant, charming and sophisticated guy, everyone loves him, and that is why he cons people so easily!

Tony Almeida (24):
The reason I mention Tony over Jack "The Impossible" Bauer is that his character is far more realistic. He has degrees in Computer Science, with training Sniper and Surveillance Training, he is the an important character, working under Jack Bauer in the CTU. A very truthful person, his contrasting sides are shown in different seasons. In Season 1, he tries to hunt for the truth over his loyalty, whereas in a later season, he takes a big risk, overriding protocols, to save his wife, who also worked for the CTU. After his wife's assassination, he starts working for terrorists regarding a bio weapon, but it turns out that he was actually working under cover for Bauer. A tough character indeed.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural):
One of the main protagonists in Supernatural, he is the one who has suffered the most. After returning from both Hell and Purgatory alive, he has shown that he can turn inhuman when it comes to survival. He has done the most weirdest of pacts- signing contracts with a cross-roads demon, evading a reaper, and convince Death, one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse to help him fight Lucifer. Strongly attached to his Chevy Impala, his Colt 1911, and a sawed off shotgun (for rocksalt shells), he is an expert marksman and can put down anything vulnerable to bullets.

The Ugly:

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell (Prison Break):
T-Bag is an inmate at the prison, supposedly serving time for inhuman crimes like molesting and murdering children. Although he is shown doing pretty heinous crimes in the series like killing and eating a human in a desert for survival, most of his crimes happened before the series. Here are his important moments in the series.

Tobias F√ľnke (Arrested Development):
The brother-in-law of Michael Bluth, the main protagonist of the series, Tobias is the weirdest of the characters in the show. A psychiatrist who lost his license for giving CPR to a man not suffering from a heart attack, he tries all through the three seasons to develop his acting career. He claims to have 'cat-like reflexes' and often makes unpredictable movements, although they generally backfire. Suffering from a "never-nude" syndrome, he wears denim cut-off shorts (and a tube sock underneath that) under his underwear! Inspired by the movie, Mrs Doubtfire, he disguises himself as a British housekeeper, Mrs Featherbottom, to spend more time with his daughter. However, it fools no one in the family.

George Bluth Sr (Arrested Development):
The most notorious character in Arrested Development, George Oscar Bluth Sr, fondly known as Pop-Pop by his grandchildren. Arrested for something he calls 'creative accounting', he escapes prison and moves to Mexico, with a briefcase carrying evidence of his dealings with Saddam Hussein. He then fakes his death in Mexico and returns to America, living in the roof of the house of the Bluth family. His escape is unknowingly helped by the confusion created by his identical twin Oscar.

Nina Myers (24):
You may call the creators of 24 feminists, but that would be an understatement. The second in command at CTU, and the right hand of Jack Bauer, Nina Myers turns out to be a terrorist, working for the Drazens, and ends up killing Jack's wife Teri in the process of escaping, in which she is unsuccessful. In the next season, Nina almost manages to kill Jack after she is brought in for interrogation regarding a bombing at CTU. In the her final appearances, she is finally shot by Bauer when she tries to kill his daughter.

Aaaand the weak & dumb:

Sara Tancredi (Prison Break):
The reason for slowing down Scofield and co throughout the series, although she does kind of held in their initial escape. Also the indirect reason for Scofiled's death when he plans her prison break.

Penny (The Big Bang Theory):
Weirdly enough still without a surname after six seasons of the show, she is dumb as ever in the series as well as in real life (Kaley Cuoco), she is the odd one out in the company of the nerds in The Big Bang Theory.

Kim Bauer (24):
The only daughter of American Rajnikanth Jack "The Impossible" Bauer, she is his only weakness. The unstoppable Bauer has hesitated time and again when it comes to Kim, causing his moves to shift from professional to personal! Each day featuring her would have ended far earlier, had she not been involved.

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