Dec 5, 2012

Lo, here cometh the reformer

^The title stinks actually! Anyways, let's continue...

It's just one more semester until I reach the fourth year, and into an administrative position in IMG, with a fancy named post! For those who have no idea what IMG is, read this.

Here are the changes I would bring!
  • Paradise City would be the new IMG anthem.
  • Only hard rock inside the lab- no Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift, for that matter. Anyone listening to Justin Bieber would be banned from the lab!
  • Computer names would be that of Chelsea players- the ones with the best configurations would be named the starting XI.
  • IMG renamed Django Dudes. All applications would be re-coded in Django.
  • PHP would be banned, wonder how C-Tease would cope!
  • Walls to be painted blue; nothing red allowed inside- not even bags, pen drives or even flip flops.
  • Only Call of Duty and FIFA inside the lab- No Counter Strike or Age of Empires.
  • The sketch of Rasmus Lerdorf on the soft board would be replaced by that of Guido van Rossum.
  • All Chelsea matches would be screened. And no SRK flicks, please.
  • Designers to use GIMP over Photoshop. (#happywithgimp)
  • During interviews, Chelsea fans to be given preference. Those who can sing the anthem get direct entry!
  • All computers to have wallpapers of movies- Transformers, Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean- Again, no SRK flicks.
  • A portrait of Sandeep Ruhil and Virendra Jain, with the title- The Data-Porters- well, ain't the title say it all?
P.S. This was just a fun post, and not to be taken seriously. It's more of a democracy in a student group like IMG, and to implement even a single thing from the list, I would have to convince each and every member, right from my peers to the first yearites. So, rest assured Justin Bieber lover-boys, you can listen to him- for now!

P.P.S. The title and the first line of the post was the idea of guess who? The Cranky Dude yet again!

P.P.P.S. The Cranky Dude has titled more of my posts than writing himself.

Liked this post? Have any suggestions? Just let me know. Feel free to comment below!

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