Apr 28, 2013

You will be remembered

At IMG, we have a tradition of kicking out the seniors in style. In addition to the costumes, we give away a scrapbook, a common gift and a personal gift. The Scrapbook contains scraps from each and every member of IMG sharing their thoughts. I prefer writing one liners in those little chits, and it's not that I don't have anything to say, but because that little space would literally explode if I try to even think of putting my memories! Here is my version of the scrapbook.

Akshit Khurana
Even if you catch him having his worst day, you would not know, because he would still be smiling. (Perhaps he's the brand ambassador of a multi-billion dollar toothpaste!) After a rough relationship with Photoshop, he has finally decided to love Python for life.

Aniket Mittal
He was visibly hurt on seeing that one line my scrap was shouting out loud, but here is what I actually meant (He was even talking of doing something with his Chulbul Pandey gun which I can't mention on my blog). You would not find someone more unorthodox than him (I mean, just look at his pictures!), but at the end of the day, he would get his work done even before you have the chance to realize it! Working under him for one of the most used apps in the campus was indeed a pleasure, and a learning curve I couldn't have expected.
P.S. He once ordered pizza under the name 'Aniket Metal'.

Anirudh Ganapathy
I may be the one who clicks a few thousand IMG related pictures every semester, his few clicks always get to the profile picture albums of people! Maybe, you could say I am jealous of that, but that's talent. His design for the IMG group T-shirt is also envied my many- something I am very proud of!

Nivedan Ravi
The only Manchester United fan in his year, an avid gamer, with a good taste in movies and music, his eagerness to climb even the Burj Khalifa if taken in its vicinity was well documented in the farewell. I would just tell you one thing about him. The fact that he bagged a Goldman Sachs job in his hometown with the highest package in India speaks of his awesomeness.

Sandeep Ruhil
He is the one who is responsible for the amount of Django I know! Frankly speaking, I learnt Django just by looking at his code (hell, he has even read the source code of Django)! Django aside, I wonder how he will cope with life now that he would be forced to work on Microsoft Windows in Redmont. PuTTY anyone?

Shashank Shekhar Agarwal
The perfectionist, you should just look at his caricature to get an idea! Placed in Flipkart, I wonder if he would actually send me coupons...

Shikha Panwar
Everyone would remember her for the unnecessary chatter that she might do, but I would always remember her for the deadline extensions, with no questions asked, and the enthusiasm she showed to read and improve my code during the development of my very first app at IMG.

Shilpa Choudhary
She's so timid that I had hardly noticed her before she was assigned to provide a design for my application. I wish we'd just have given her a bullhorn on the farewell.

Vaibhv Gupta
Another by-the-book programmer, who did not leave a page un-visited in the Python wiki before going onto Django, I would remember him for his advice- never bring your wallet to the IMG lab. That has saved me thousands in the last few years.

Virendra Jain
The chief. The data porter. He has many names. All I should say is, he led us well.

Vivek Prakash
I can actually write a separate blog post on him- on what he does, or the GSoCs. Maybe you could just read this answer on Quora.

Hon'ble mention:
Anubhav Agarwal:
Although he parted ways with IMG almost three semesters ago, his valuable inputs regarding the crappy Javascript that I had written made the code of my first app a bit less chaotic! Surprisingly, very teeny-weeny lil' things can lead to huge improvements in functionality.

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