Apr 15, 2011

How I came up with the name- Transcendental Tech Talk...

This blog was titled 'Random Thoughts' at first when I had come up with the post on 'Browser Wars', as it was quite random then. Then my roomie asked me to post on the games I had played, which I immediately did! At that point of time, I thought, maybe its time to change the name, which I did at once to 'Random Geeky Stuff'.

That name seemed pretty cool to me then (I know it's a bit lame, isn't it?). After a few more hours and a few more hits (especially the ones from Russia got me thinking), I thought maybe, I don't like it that much.
Firstly this blog is mostly about technical stuff, so 'Tech Talk'. I also needed something to precede this, and something sounding similar (remember alliteration?). 

At the same time (coincidentally), I was listening to the song E.T. (by Katy Perry feat Kanye West), there's a point where Katy says, 


On another level
Boy, you're my lucky star'

(it's basically an alien talking to another, so it's even more amusing)

However, the moment I heard it, I knew I had got my word! Transcendental basically means 'mystical', so, I guess, it adds a mystical feeling to this :D

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