Sep 4, 2011

Google Images: search for images using images

A few days ago, when I was preparing for my mid term examinations, I encountered this image of a Tsunami in the study material of Physical Geology. The waves seem pretty high(as high as the buildings)! I wanted to check if this picture was authentic! Now, all of a sudden, this new image search popped into my head. Turns out this image is no forgery. This a a picture from the 2004 Tsunami(also published in news websites, so it is authentic enough).

After a successful image search, my excitement knew no bounds. The pic on the right was a part of my Paleontology study material(before you start asking questions, read the next sentence). Now, during the lectures, our Professor had told us (topic: gene flow) that the lady on the right was a Sri Lankan actress (I swear I didn't believe it then) who had "migrated" to India. Good example for 'Gene Flow', but I decided why not check the authenticity. (P.S. Now I do realise the pic has her name written on the bottom, but I was really excited about the image search then) It does turn out he was right and apparently, she was a part of Murder 2 (who gives a damn anyways...)

"A picture is worth a thousand words": Google has indeed justified this statement! You can literally perform a search using an image as a parameter! Well, when Google announced it sometime in June, I wasn't that excited as I never knew how judiciously I could use it, until now...

In Facebook, I am a part of many football groups. In one of them, some guy posted this image asking us to guess the footballer. As usual, the guesses started with Messi and CR7. Well, 24 hours and 30 odd guesses later, I entered the fray (with fresh excitement)... I took the pic, googled it, and the first result said it all: Diego Forlan. Well, supposedly, it got me 5 points (but I still have no clue as to how to use them :P )

For a change, how about a shortcoming? The next image on that group was this. Guess what, Google didn't have any answers for this one. Although, I eventually won this as well, it was due to my "true" football knowledge. (And yeah, this is Michael Owen)

I encountered this pic, in a Chelsea fan page and they had asked us to identify who this guy is... The most hilarios part was when someone commented that he had Branislav Ivanovic's eyes. LOL!

Anyways, a search pointed out that he actually is Lucas Piazon, who'll be joining Chelsea next January.

Google just keeps getting better and better everyday... Ain't it?

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Animesh said...

Added, to that, I google searched the display pic of a girl added on my fb profile (apparently, she was quite hot, but I suspected if the profile was fake). I google searched all her photos. And, YESSSS!!

Indeed, it was a fake profile 'cause all the pics were those of some Mallu actress!! xD


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