Oct 9, 2012

The People on 6E 128

Although I expected the flight from Guwahati to Delhi to be a quiet one, I was in for a truly enlightening ride!

| 27 A | 27 B | 27 C |           | 27 D | 27 E | 27 F | 

| 28 A | 28 B | 28 C |           | 28 D | 28 E | 28 F | 

| 29 A | 29 B | 29 C |           | 29 D | 29 E | 29 F |

The Seating Arrangement

I was the twentieth person to check in, and I was not given a window seat on a 180 seater aircraft. Although I usually end up giving it up to an elderly lady or someone with a kid, I am very accustomed to having a window seat whenever I travel. That being said, I got a seat on the aisle. Anyways, I just accepted it as a curse. However, I had no idea what was to follow.

(Seats 27 A, 27 B) Typical Derpina couple-
Everything you would expect from Derpina- typical Bieber videos on their laptop, laughing (read screaming) at every possible opportunity, walking barefoot, and hugging each other after cracking jokes(oh yeah, you read that right!).

Seat 27 C - Quiet Chink-
Dude was sitting right next to the aforementioned pair, what could the poor guy do anyways? He was forced out of his seat at least 10 times, but he did not complain.

Seat 27 D - Troll Terrorist- 
I am not sure if he was a terrorist or a troll dad. I didn't know he existed until the air hostess told him to take his seat just before the take off. He had been standing right near the lavatory all this time. As soon as the seat belt sign was off after a successful take off, he was off his seat again. Right next to the lavatory yet again. I started thinking what I would do if he had announced- calm down, fellas; this is a hijacking. At some point of time, he even asked our Forever Alone guy (read his description below) about his time in the IndiGo academy.

Seat 28 F - 'Miss IndiGo' IndiGo Trainee (F), Seat 28 E - 'Forever Alone' IndiGo Trainee (M) -
Totally uninterested in the things going on in this world, Miss IndiGo was the one who got the window seat, or not exactly that way. Forever Alone exclaimed that the seat was empty and gladly gave it up for Miss IndiGo. Forever Alone went to chat with our terrorist until take off and found out seat no 30 A and B were empty. He sat at 30A and called out to Miss IndiGo to join him. Miss IndiGo, who was busy on her phone ignored him completely- Forever Alone, right? Anyways, as soon as the seat belt sign was off, desperate as Forever Alone was, he came right back in to squeeze into seat 28 E. From their conversation, it was clear that although Forever Alone was trying really hard, Miss IndiGo was completely uninterested! He even tried to show her a different aircraft from the window, which might have appealed to her, but I could tell that feeling died down pretty soon.

A last ditched attempt by Forever Alone was the prediction of the time we would land. He predicted the time to be around 1.35-1.37 PM. Idiots that both of them were, no one specified according to whose watch the time was to be measured. Just a minute or two before we landed, Miss IndiGo stated that her Galaxy had the most accurate timing, and Forever Alone's prediction was wrong. I checked my watch. Turns out her Galaxy did have a wrong time, and Forever Alone's prediction was correct! I remained quiet nonetheless.

Seat 28 C - Stone Eyes: the old pervert -
I helped Stone Eyes with his seat belt. Little did I know I was about to regret the decision. From the moment Miss IndiGo walked in, Mr Stone Eyes turned his head ninety degrees towards seat no 28 F, and he planned to stay in that position for the whole flight, I presume. In general, I would have been least concerned with such behavior. However, in this case, I was sitting right between him and his eye candy, and I couldn't withstand his glare. Every time, he would look this way, I would look at him, make a poker face, and he would turn away. Worked every time.

Seat 28 B - Stone Eyes' Wife -
Slept most of the time, and certainly had no idea what her husband was up to.

Seats (29 D, 29 E, 29 F)- Family with Kid-
Kid shouting in an aircraft- what more can you probably want?

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