Oct 28, 2012

IIT Roorkee Lingo

There was a post somewhere on the internet (http://iitbakar.com/enpunch/iit-roorkee-lingo/) which explained all the terms used at IIT Roorkee. It was, however, removed (server issues maybe?). After searching a lot, I finally got hold of a Google Buzz post, which had a copy of the same- but you never know when it might be deleted or the visibility shrunk. So I decided to put it up in my blog so that it's not lost- at least till doomsday. Yet again, comment if you want something added.

Alpahar -/ Al-paa-haar -/ noun -/ Place opp to library where you sit (after bunking the class) to have bun-samosa, pakoda and chai
Bakchod -/ bak-Chod -/ noun -/ (vulgar) -/ A worthless person or thing.
Backchodi -/ bak-cho-dee -/ verb -/ (vulgar) -/ gossips of no use.
Bakar -/ bak-Ar -/ verb -/ gossips in general
Bandi -/ bun-dee -/ noun -/ A non-male. A rare species in IIT.
Bond -/ Bon-nd -/ noun -/ A person who is good at something.
Bustea -/ bus-T -/ noun -/ burger and maggi with chai at bus stand in night-out, usually between 2am-5am.
BTP -/ abbr-/ Full Form: B.Tech. Project. A necessary  endeavour taken up (in some cases given even if not desired) by students in the last year of their journey to B.Tech.
Chapai -/ Cha-paa-e -/ verb -/ copying (specially assignments). eg. Tut de be, chapna h.
Chapo -/ chaa-po  -/ noun -/ treat.
Chaggi -/ cha-Gee -/ noun,adj -/ A person whose CG is around 6.something. similarly there are satti, atthi, nehli etc but most famous is chaggi.
Cogni -/ Ko-ga-nee -/ noun -/ stands for technical festival Cognizance
Cola-Sikanji -/ Kola-See-Kan-Jee -/ noun -/ Lemon Water (Nimbu Pani) where water is replaced by coke.
CC -/ See-See -/ noun -/ refers to Cyber Cafe of hostel and also to Main Computer Center
CG -/ See-G -/ noun -/ stands for CGPA (Cummulative Grade Point Average)
CL -/ see-el -/ noun. -/ short for Civil Lines. The main market of roorkee, can also be used for Central Library or Computer Lab, based on whom you are talking to :)
Despo -/ day-spo  -/ adj -/ short for desperate.  Applies for a typical IITian (especially males). One could be a despo for money, food or bandi (Refer bandi)
End-sem -/ noun -/ The mother of all exams, that happens at the end of the sem. This exam carries a large weightage in the grades, so even non-ghissus pay attention to it.
Enthu -/ enthu -/ verb -/ Enthusiastic. Enthu h bandhe me.
Faadu -/ faa-Du -/ adj -/ a big achievement. Eg. Faadu kaam kiya h, faadu banda h wo.
Farra -/ Fa-Raa -/ noun -/ A small piece of paper with lots of things written on it in micro size font, used in exams to cheat.
Gaon -/ ga-oun -/ noun -/ Area where Rajendra, Cautley and Ganga bhawans are located. This area is far from main campus area (departments, library etc) so that area is known as gaon.
Ghissai -/ Ghee-sai -/ verb -/ studying alot
Ghissu -/ Ghee-su -/ noun -/ A person who does ghissai all the time.eg. Ghissu log exam ke time bahut kaam aate hain!
Jugaad -/ju-gaarh -/ verb, noun /- Manage with difficulty to (in general) get something. Eg. “Kuch to jugaad lagate hain” “Jugaad be”
Junta -/ jan-Taa -/ noun -/ More than one person.
KLPD -/ abbr -/ Full form: Khade Lund Pe Danda. A situation where you think something awesome is going to happen, but it either doesn’t happen or something totally opposite happens.
Lassu -/ La-Soo -/ noun -/ Lassu is a person who runs after girls.
LBS -/ Al-Bee-As -/ noun -/ stands for Lal-Bahadur-Shashtri Stadium, It is the biggest stadium of campus.
Matka -/mutt-Kaa -/ noun -/ MTech student (also, matki) or for any general PG
Mid-sem-break -/ noun-/ A time of wonderful seven holidays during the sem. Students utilize this time to rejuvenate from the torture they have endured and get ready for what is to come next.
Net -/noun -/ the source of all information that students need for completing their tut, projects and even for extra-curricular activities, like watching pondies, movies and also downloading games.
NPG -/ abbr -/ Full Form:  NON Productive Ghissu(refer Ghissu), someone who studies a lot, but cant convert that into something worthwhile, not even grades.
Phodu -/ Pho-Doo -/ noun-/ a person who has done something really well, syn. Bond can also spelled as fodu
PJ -/ noun -/ poor joke, something that the joke cracker thinks is good but actually is so bad that the listeners laugh at the jokemaker than the joke.
Pondy -/ pon-Dee -/ noun -/ a video depicting sexual acts, hardcore (XXX or upwards) or soft-core (up to XX)
Room-Baap -/ Rum-Baap -/ noun -/ Room baap is the senior who stayed in the same room in which you are staying in 1st year.
RS -/ abbr -/ Full Form: Research Scholar. These creatures are supposed to be doing research (and some of them even do!) and to know a lot about the advanced stuff, but ask them a simple question of the undergrad stuff and all you get is a blank stare.
SB -/ As-Bee -/ noun -/ Refers to Sarojini Bhawan, Can find lassus (Refer Lassu) in nearby areas.
Sem -/ Say-Em -/ noun -/ Semester, not exactly a period of 6 months but the time from start to finish of one educational session
SURA -/ Soo-Ra -/ noun -/ stands for: Student Undergraduate Research Award. An award given to projects taken up by the students during summers, usually in the 2nd year of their graduation.
TS -/ abbr -/ Full Form: Test Series. A chain of gruesome tests of various torturous subjects that the students are taking through the sem. Usually, they account for a small portion of the grade, so students don’t pay as much attention
Tut -/ t-Yout -/ noun -/ Tutorial, a document that contained a set of questions given by professors to students every week as a part of their student torture program. eg. Yaar ye math ka tut to sala samajh mein nahi aa raha.
UC -/ you-see -/ noun. -/ short for university canteen. Eg. Chal yaar bhuk lagi h, uc me pakode khate h
UG -/ you-Gee -/ noun -/ UG is refer to Under Graduate Club where students go and play pool, billiards, foosball etc.
Ulti -/ al-tea -/ adj -/ short for ultimate. Eg. ulti foda h usne.

Updates from comments…
CA -/ abbr -/ short for C**t Allowance, eg. abe bandi h na ca mil gaya hoga.
Convo -/ con-vo -/ noun -/ stands for convocation.
Dulla -/ do-laa -/ noun -/ dual degree students.
Fokki -/ Fo-key -/ adj -/ ultimate, smart. Eg. Bandhe ne foki kaam kiya h be.
GPL -/abbr -/ short for Gand Pe Laat.
Haddu -/ Ha-D0 -/ noun -/ students from hyderabad (sometimes in general south india)
Kholu -/ kho-Loo -/ noun -/ opener. Eg. Electrical ka kholu kaun h?
LP -/ abbr -/ short for L**d penalty.
Nesci -/ Nay-skii -/ noun -/ Nescafe of the campus.
Poly -/ Po-Lee -/ verb -/ stands for politics.  Apne dept me bahut polychalti  h yaar.
Thomso -/ thom-so -/ noun -/ Cult fest of institute. Eg. Is baar thomso me kaun aa raha h?

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