Oct 12, 2012

Devdas and Co.

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This blog post is the blogger's imagination loosely inspired by some of his experiences over the past few years. Any resemblance to any other real persons, living, in coma or dead is purely coincidental. This supersedes all previous notices

Lassu -/ La-Soo -/ noun -/ Lassu is a person who runs after girls.
Alpahar -/ Al-paa-haar -/ noun -/ Place opp to library where you sit (after bunking the class) to have bun-samosa, pakoda and chai. Canteen for the government servants.
Nesci -/ Nay-skii -/ noun -/ Nescafe of the campus.
Chapo -/ chaa-po  -/ noun -/ treat.

This is the story of Devdas.

I met Devdas on the first day of college. In fact, he was the first person I got to know from my branch. It was a fine day, and there I was, sitting in computer class, pretty skeptical about talking to random people, when the guy next to me asks- ‘Hey, do you think the placements are good in our branch?’ What I answered was irrelevant, what was important is that it started a friendship which is probably going to last a lifetime.

Being a Lucknowi, he loves ‘Chai’. A day for him is incomplete without Chai at least twice. Not just any Chai; a proper one, which is termed ‘Special Chai’ in the canteen. Even when he is in debts of thousands, this is one thing he cannot afford to miss. In fact, he would rather die.

Being a chubby guy, you can understand by his looks that he loves butter. Yes, the bun-butter-samosa of Alpahar is one of his favourites. He literally yearns for the same every single day. If you don’t find him in his room, he is probably munching away to glory in the canteen.

Paro was a part of our class. Needless to say, Devdas was attracted to her from the word- Go! But perhaps, the fact that every second guy on campus had fallen for her was really bad for Devdas.

They exchanged numbers maybe in a day or two. They would text and maybe talk every other day. Devdas would initiate it, make no mistake, Paro had no idea what was going on… But then, there was a catch. Paro was not interested in a relationship (I am just speculating here, okay! I have no -censored- idea how a girl's mind works).

Paro would treat others the same way she would treat Devdas. And I guess it does not take Rocket Science to figure out that it hurt Devdas a lot (or probably, he was jealous- but why?). In addition to that, he couldn’t say anything to her, could he?

Meanwhile, Devdas started working on his political career. Please note that I didn’t use the word ‘successfully’ in the last sentence. He might have tried hard, but two years into college life, he has not been able to do anything significant. All I hear is that he has been making contacts. Just contacts. Hell, even I have contacts!

Six months later, he finally got the courage to tell her his feelings. He saw her at Nesci, and approached her. However, he was not even close to doing what he wanted to. Even after this failure, Devdas was determined to strike back! Well, ‘back’ indeed. He managed four backs in the first semester, owing to his ‘activities’.

Anyways, he managed to catch her in Facebook one day (this is what technology does to us), and told her that he doesn’t like her being the usual 'friendly' with others. Naturally, she was shocked. Oh, and did I mention that he added a little ‘I like you’ part with the message. God, if you love her, just tell her on the face. Not in this fashion.

Do I even need to tell you what happened thereafter? Well, she stopped talking with him altogether. But Devdas didn’t forget her. As she had blocked him in Facebook, he created a fake profile to glance at her profile occasionally. I just wonder how someone can be so crazy… In fact, Devdas gave me a chapo in Domino’s when she talked to him one day, some eight months after that event in Facebook. I feel bad now that I took advantage of the situation by dragging him to Domino's!

It has been quite some time since then, and this idiotic Devdas is still in a trance state. He might have met a few Chandramukhis here and there, but his mind still hovers around the same Paro. As a reader, I believe you would be saddened by his situation. However, there is something you can do. Send him a ‘get well soon’ card at devdas@getwellsoon.com! Hopefully he would respond to you…

You really can’t blame Devdas for his situation. With just about ten percent girls, if not less than that, in total in IITs, what more can you expect?

There are many Lassus here; many of them like Devdas. Many of them in a worse situation. To say the truth, although the lassus need the girls for their existence, the girls in an IIT are also incomplete without the Lassus. Am I right or am I right?

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