Oct 9, 2012

FIFA 13- First Look

FIFA 13 Global Cover.jpeg

After a very hard fourteen days, I finally got my hands on a copy of FIFA 13. And I must say, it has lived up to the hype. Here are my initial reactions on the game.

Messi cover:
EA, seriously? Agree, he's probably the best now, but that does not qualify putting a single person on the cover. Just put three people there like the last so many years! Quick Fact- do you guys know he has never scored against Chelsea (and perhaps, never will)?

Better Arena:
The arena that loads before a match is far better than just a player and your goalie. You can score points, and improve your skills!

Player plus cash deals:
This is one good addition to FIFA. You can now add an existing player while bidding for others.

The pen animation in the Career Mode:
These are the little things that make FIFA far better than PES or anything else out there. This animation is really splendid.

Smarter strikers- or stupider goalies?
If you make your goalie charge out, there are chances the striker will fool him more often than not. Something which didn't happen in the two earlier versions.

First touch:
Yes, all the reports are true! The first tough has indeed improved. And it is important, because a proper first touch can lead to a goal out of nothing!

Quicker and prolonged development of players:
In its predecessor, older players had no chance for development. Not anymore. Anyone who is good enough will surely develop. As for the younger lads out on loan, they develop quick as long as they get the chance!

Career mode- glitch or intentional?
If a team has bid for your player, you can propose a counter bid. In case they agree to it, you don't have a chance to re think and stop the approach!

Stupid Ratings for players:
The players who orchestrated Chelsea's win in the champions league get no appreciation. With David Luiz and Cahill at 79, you can understand who the employees of EA support! Also, Victor Valdes is better than Cech! Sigh!

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