Oct 31, 2012

The Piano Guys

The other day, I was going through random YouTube videos when I came across The Piano Guys. It was a beautiful piano solo of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

This was performed by Jarod Radnich, who is not a part of the Piano Guys, but a close friend. Believe me, even his butt can play the piano well!

Eventually, they release the video Peponi, a remake of the song Paradise by Coldplay.

Apart from the wonderful music, what I noticed in the video is that Cello guy, Steven Sharp Nelson. According to him, the secret to playing the cello so well is the way he treats it. Have a look.

I have also found the following song pretty innovative in the way they play it.

Want more? Here is a composition by the original Piano Guy!

Every time I listen to one of these, I feel a sense of peace! I hope you do as well. In short, I really like their innovation!

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