Oct 31, 2012

Changes in FIFA 13 Career Mode

Almost a month of FIFA 13, and I must admit, it has stood above expectations! Here are the changes in the career mode!
Commentary- the good and the bad:
The ghosties & ghoulies may be out... But so are the Footballers... It's Halloween
Although there are a few glitches like - "And he heads the ball... with his head", or "They are passing the ball as if it's a computer game", this kind of innovation makes it really feel nice.

The Crashes:
This version has had a few more crashes than the previous few years. EA is still to come up with a patch for the glitches, so that goes down as a minus.

Pen Animation:
I have told you this earlier, and I will mention this again- the pen animation while signing contracts is cool!

Player Plus Cash Deals:
Playing in the career mode, you can't get emotionally attached to the older players- especially if you are playing in an average team- like Stoke for example. Selling them is never easy- but in this installment, you can add players to sweeten deals.

Developing Players:
It would take a hell lot of time to develop young players with overall rating less than 70 in prior versions- not this time! They develop at a quick pace, given adequate opportunities. But remember, overplaying them won't help either!

Easier to get players on the last year of contract:
Players in the last year of their contract are allowed to leave at lower prices! This was a welcome change. So have a look at their contracts before making the bids. For eg, I got Sturridge to QPR for just over £5 million. A great catch indeed!

Begging for funds:
If you are short of funds in the transfer window, you can ask the board to provide you more! It certainly helps when you are in urgent need of a player!

International Management:
Based on your performance, you get offers from international team. You can manage them along with your club duties. I took India to the world cup finals, although in reality that would not have been possible!

Jumping clubs during the season:
Yes, that is possible if you apply for a job, and get it!

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