May 11, 2012

The Semester I learnt Photoshop

After every semester, I usually end up writing a post on why the semester has been memorable and customarily I'm doing pretty much the same here. However, I would always cherish this semester as the one which taught me many things.

Firstly, the most important thing. Back in January, there was a time when we had a 5 day vacation, in which I could not go back home (well, the word 'home' has varied meanings for me), and FIFA 12 just didn't excite me anymore. Just then, a friend shared a link, which, at that situation seemed pretty appealing. As I got to the tutorials, from the easier to the tougher ones, using the varied tools in different situations, Photoshop seemed less and less alienating.
Just because I know the use of the brushes doesn't mean I can design. I came in terms with this harsh truth while designing the cover of the Trollbook. What I couldn't do in half an hour (when I tried stuff like Mosaic texture), Jitesh did within minutes. That's what you call a designer. I remain a mere user.
Again, this semester transformed me from a 'cameraman' to a 'photographer'. Mostly, due to the field trip and a trip to the land of Aladdin. You can even have a look at my photostream here.

Field Trip:
These are memories to be treasured all my life. The field trip brought the bunch of lads together. More than the fact that I loved the road trips, I feel that I know each and every one in my branch properly now. And that is a unique, considering most other branches have such a huge strength and it is difficult to remember names, forget other things.

6 subjects and 19 contact hours (ah, finally):
As the field trip was a credited course, we were left with just six instead of the usual seven subjects and we really enjoyed it. Even the contact hours were reduced to 19 (some final year students had more contact hours than this.) And yes, I had been waiting for this a long time.

Python (Django) made me realise that all programming I had done prior to this was pure crap. It is a real pleasure to code in Python, and Django makes the work of a web developer considerably easy. What a language!

The semester ended with the happy news of us getting a new hostel with LAN over the horrible Wifi. No more explanation required.

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