May 20, 2012

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2012. The year when the world ends. Well, I am talking of the movie no doubt, but then, it is based on certain ideas that are not yet (proven) facts. Anyways, people from everywhere are predicting the end of the world. These people also include some 'Scientific Experts'. Well, best of luck predicting the world's end.

Mayan Calendar:
The Mayans were smart. Some random guy comes from a far off land and kills them off. Yes, they were indeed smart. All the fiasco about the world ending in 2012 is connected to this! These guys couldn't predict their own end, how on earth could they predict the end of humankind?

Magnetic Pole Reversal:
The magnetic poles of the Earth are not static. They keep on changing and reverse every few millions of years. However, apparently, they have been moving too fast for comfort. So, certain people say the implications are gonna kill us. Well, being connected to Geology, I can tell you one thing: a human lifetime is too short to observe events on the Geological time scale. So, if you think the magnetic reversal is gonna take place in December think again. Well, maybe it will take place in December, but December 2000000012.

Solar Flares:

Being in the solar system, solar flares are pretty common for out planet. The atmosphere takes care of these, and we don't even feel a thing. Well, some scientists say, a solar flare is fry us up. My question is why in 2012? What you must know is that this can happen anytime, not because the Mayans thought so.

The Plague:
Bird Flu. Swine Flu. SARS. AIDS. Well, we have conquered 'em all (almost...) What else do we need to fear. Humankind has developed to such an extent that we will never face a 'Resident Evil' type situation. So rest assured and cross this off your list.

The Bible:
The Bible mentions a certain Rapture, which was predicted to be on 21st May last year. It would start with heavy rains and God would select a pair of every species on the planet, and Noah would build his arc (for a graphical description, watch the movie Evan Almighty...) Anyways, that didn't happen, although I notice that it was raining in Guwahati, nothing much though.

Hadron Collider (LHC):
A few years ago, the LHC started its work. It is housed in a 27-km long tunnel in the Franco-Swiss border. The Hindi news channels started spreading stories about how it would lead to the destruction of the Earth. Well, it is certainly not a toy and the people handling it are not kids. Some high energy stuff does happen there, but in a very controlled way. In no parallel universe, can it cause the destruction of a goddamn planet!

Super Volcanoes and Ice Age:
The Yellowstone National Park in the USA is very popular among tourists for its hot springs. The reason that there are so many hot springs is that there is a large magma chamber beneath it. Geologists predict that there is high possibility of a huge volcanic eruption, which would have great implications. The ash that would be released has the capability to cover large parts of the Earth (for probably hundreds of years or maybe, more) preventing solar radiation from reaching the . That would lead to an ice age. Now, with the present technology, I don't think it would be too difficult to survive the ice age for humans.

Aliens Attack:
Now, that can happen anytime. Read about the accounts of UFOlogists, and you would start believing an attack can take place anyday!

Watch the movie Armageddon. If we detect any asteroid on the collision course with the Earth, we are gonna do precise what we did there. Blow it up. Also with the nuclear weapons that we have today, it would not be much of a difficulty.

These are precisely the reasons that might have led you to have sleepless nights, but no more. In the worst case that this happens, rest assured the S.C. Avengers would protect us! Otherwise, just keep calm, and watch Chelsea defeat:
Bayern Munich 
Ah, yes, many say the world's gonna end because Chelsea won the Champions League. Well, what can be more foolish.

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