May 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Johan Cruyff

Dear Johan,

As a football fan, I have always admired you. I admit you retired when my dad was in college, but that has not made you alien in my generation. Everyone knows you and respects you, for various reasons, including, and not limited to, the battle with Beckenbauer in the World Cup of 1974, although you ended second best.

Now, let's get to the point, shall we? Back on 22nd April, you said you were confident Barca would knock out Chelsea. As a Barca player, I totally agree with the fact that your heart goes out in support for your old side. I also agree that it must have been heartbreak for you that Chelsea knocked Barca outta the UCL on YOUR BIRTHDAY! What can be worse?

Well, as I totally understand your bitter feelings, I am deeply saddened by your words recently. You said, "Only Chelsea fans will be happy with this, For the rest, nobody can be happy with the outcome of the Champions League final."

You may be a big fan of the fancy tiki-taka, but don't you think defensive solidarity is an important part of the game. After all, defending is a part of football, isn't it? Just look at Barcelona, being a good team in attack doesn't necessarily mean you've a good defense. Puyol was well beaten, first by Drogba's and then by Ramires' pace in the two legs, which led to the two crucial goals. Does that mean a team should still attack if they are vulnerable to leaks?

The score against Barcelona could've been 5-0, but Chelsea built on their strengths and did the impossible. Don't you think they deserve some credit.

I agree Bayern were the better team for most of the game, and Chelsea were lucky, but look at it like this. The character Chelsea showed after being down on the strike of 83 minutes was remarkable. They took the chances presented to them. Just a single corner, and BANG! Neuer got to the header, but that was not enough. Cech went the right way for each of the 6 penalties. Wasn't that an achievement? Do you truly believe Bayern should have won after squandering the chances they did? You might say Chelsea didn't deserve to win, but Bayern didn't either.

Please stop for a moment to think not as a Chelsea hater, but as a neutral. Do not let your heart influence your decision.

I would like to sign off with a message from a bit more emotional Chelsea fan. (Click to enlarge)

Yours Truly,
A lifelong Chelsea fan.

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