Aug 2, 2013

Yet another Wlinkster post!

Ever since I came up with a post on Wlinkster just under three weeks ago, my blogging life hasn't been dull (One reason is that I have made my contact info public!) First, I was contacted by the founders who were on a mission to save our developing country, eradicating poverty and hunger in the process. Naturally, I came up with another post on how the conversation went. Next, I was contacted by 'the nice hacker' and I came up with a blog post telling his story. This time, I have been contacted by yet another person associated with Wlinkster- a white hat who found security vulnerabilities in Wlinkster and help them during the early days (although it's still early days for them).

Here's what Parv Jain has to say.

Hello Shaumik,

First of all, I am a White Hat who loves to find security bugs on websites and, of course, to report them. When wlinkster was at starting stage I found a lot of security bugs in it, and also reported them too... and that was biggest mistake of mine. I got connected to Sagar on WhatsApp and every time I reported him any vulnerability, he would not give a f*ck about it.

Recently, wlinkster was hacked and just after it had been hacked, he start spamming my WhatsApp. Both of them started abusing me. Not only that, they started spamming my Facebook profile with all abusive comments, using a fake id and created a page of me. As I have reported the page and deleted all comments from Facebook, it is all clean now but still I have their messages on WhatsApp with the abusive content. (I have attached screenshots)

PS: Post these images onto your blog and let the world know what they are!

Thanks for giving your time.

Do you want the whole transcript of the spammy messages in WhatsApp? Parv was kind enough to send me a whole transcript. Check here how they have spammed this guy's phone!

Concluding, I can only say the founders are too immature to be out in the world alone. As always, if you have some grievance related to Wlinkster, feel free to contact me. I wonder at this rate, if one day, this blog will turn into a hey-Wlinkster-cheated-me website.

Liked this post? Have any suggestions? Just let me know. Feel free to comment below!

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