Aug 11, 2013

The 5 worst covers of all time

I never really understood the need for a cover in case of established bands. If you are successful on the basis of your own music, why try and imitate others? Naturally, they rarely come out good. Here's my list of the worst that I have heard.

5. Linkin Park (Rolling in the deep, Adele):

I have followed Linkin Park since their very beginning. I have seen the days of Chester screaming, Shinoda's classic rap, the band eventually changing their style, Shinode occasionally shifting to the vocals in songs like Castle of Glass (which even got pretty popular). However, I have never seen a performance as bad rolling in the deep. Maybe they were carried away by the London weather, but that is no excuse! What's worse is that it did not remain as just a live performance- they released the song too! Please check your vocals for the song, Chester, maybe Mike could have done better here.

4. Evanescence (Numb, Linkin Park)

Linkin Park might have got it wrong with Adele's high pitched voice, but there are songs to their name which are pretty darn good, Numb being one of them. During their 'Numb' days, Linkin Park were a good force to reckon with. Did Evanescence really think she could get away with it?

3. Avril Lavigne (Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan)

By the time Avril came up with the cover of Bob Dylan's Knockin' on heaven's door, there were at least ten more covers of the song available in the market (including those by Guns N' Roses and Eric Clapton). Secondly, once she finished recording, I wonder why her team responsible for the publicity didn't stop her from releasing it. Here is, ladies and gentlemen, the worst song by a pop artist ever, which can even make Justin Bieber shy! Look at the video below, it's more like she's reciting a poem rather than singing... My heart goes out to the hundreds of people who are subject to this torture.

2. Big & Rich (You shook me all night long, AC/DC)

When you make covers of relatively unknown songs, I can understand. When you try to imitate one of the greatest songs of the 80s, you are plain stupid. I wonder how high Big & Rich were when the idea of the remake of one of the most popular AC/DC songs even remotely came into their mind. Come on, they could never have done a Brain Johnson. Just start the song and I can bet you would have moved on the next one in half a minute!

1. Sheryl Crow (Sweet Child O' Mine, Guns N' Roses)

About a month ago, I came up with a list of the best guitar solos and Slash's Sweet Child O' Mine topped the list for all the right reasons! This time, however, this song tops the list for the all the wrong reasons. It was so horrible that I didn't even listen till the part when the guitar solo starts. There is hardly any soul in the song left! The good person that Axl is, I wonder what he felt on listening to this one.

Bonus: Attack Attack (I kissed a girl, Katy Perry)

The reason I do not include it in my original list is that all the songs in those five were fairly good ones. This one, however, shouldn't have come out in the first place! The most hilarious part is when the guy sings- "Hope my boyfriend won't mind it!" Katy Perry must be secretly thanking them that they got the attention away from her!

Unless you are the Piano Guys, unless you can do the necessary improvisation to preserve the essence of the song, yet come up with something that people can relate to you, do us a favor and refrain from making covers.

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