Aug 20, 2013

GSoC Week 9 | Polishing old branches

Continuing off where I left last week, the primary work this week involved three things. The redesign of the system preferences page has given me the highest number of issues because, well, it's too big and all the code has been manually written in a page!

First, I tried changing the accordeon style to emulate the Facebook settings. Everything worked well there, as I removed the border-top for all posts except the first of type. It looked well at the first glance but it turned out that on activating a search bar, and if the topmost item did not appear in the results, the topmost result would be border-less.

I tried finding a CSS solution for this, but unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything. The simple JavaScript solution was to add a CSS class to the topmost element on searching for anything.

Other than that, there were bugs in the flipswitch which I needed to correct, catching keyboard and mouse events, using even.preventDefault() in the process. Some work still needs to be done though, and the main work in the flipswitches is making it look a bit dull or dark in the off position.

Adding masonry to change the layout of the instructor's manage course page worked well, as it gives it a pinterest kind of feel. The main task in this branch is to make it look good in all the branches (since the code is template independent).

We still have minor changes in the dropdown menus, and then, it would be time to write some sassy CSS. I can't seem to wait for that!

Liked this post? Have any suggestions? Just let me know. Feel free to comment below!

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