Aug 6, 2013

The Arabian Adventure

I have mentioned time and again in this very blog about how I love traveling. I have visited numerous places in my relatively short life span and if you ask me what fascinated me the most- there is just one tiny little country which would rank higher than any other place!

Once the flight takes off from Delhi, you would know deep down that in just over three and a half hours, you would be in paradise. During my multiple trips there, never have I fallen asleep in those late night flights because the view through the aircraft is just breathtaking. As you go over the Arabian sea and enter into Omani airspace, the play of those tiny dots of lights just leave you mesmerized.

Soon, the aircraft lands in the Abu Dhabi International Airport and as you step out of the aircraft, the cold desert wind would be there to greet you. After the immigration, a whole new world would await you outside!

Abu Dhabi is home to the largest mosque in the middle east- the stunning Shiekh Zayed mosque. During Eid, this grand structure can accumulate as much as forty thousand people!

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque
The capital city of the Emirates is also host to the world's faster roller coaster, which is coincidentally adjacent to the Grand Prix track, all inside the Yas Island.

The Ferrari World along side the race tracks
The Abu Dhabi corniche has a beautiful sea view, which can give the Marine Drive a run for its money.

Abu Dhabi Corniche View
You might find the occasional fish on the street. Yes, Abu Dhabi is indeed in the middle of the desert.

You will also find flowers blooming in the desert sun.

After the brief stay in Abu Dhabi, you should definitely catch Dubai. However, do not miss the old oasis city of Al Ain on the way.

The Al Ain zoo, although hosting a variety of animals, is particularly famous for the almost extinct white lion. There are just about two hundred of them left in this world.

The almost extinct White Lion at the Al Ain Zoo
The Two Horned Rhino
The Al Ain Paradise Garden holds the Guinness world record for the most hanging flower baskets in the world. Just imagine how much effort that takes considering the arid climate!

The Paradise Garden in Al Ain
The hot springs in the outskirts of Al Ain are said to have medicinal properties. If you visit Al Ain, you must make sure you don't miss the hot springs!

As you enter Dubai, you would be greeted by the presence of the super tall Burj Khalifa at a distance.

Dubai Outskirts
The most popular tourist destination in Dubai is the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek- a burnt boat
Your trip would be incomplete if you do not visit the tallest building in the world.

The supertall Burj Khalifa!
Another Guinness world record for the Arabs. This time, it's the world's largest aquarium. Beware of the sting rays!

Oh, are you hungry? Dive into one of the flavours of Lays Arabia. I have mentioned many times in my blog how great their chips are!

Two of those amazing flavours!
The Burj Al Arab, the costliest hotel in the world, is truly beautiful. It is just as they describe it!

The Burj Al Arab
Dubai is a dream land for Need for Speed lovers. Porsche, Corvette, Ford Mustang- you name it. But I would always consider the Lamborghini Gallardo as my most prized snap!

The Lamborghini Gallardo
The ladies in your group would never be satisfied until you take them to the Gold Souk. A souk is a traditional shop.

The Gold Souk
If you want to experience the Arabian spices, do not miss the spice souk. Traders here sell a variety of herbs used in Arabian food.

The Spice Souk
What is the use of visiting the desert if you don't get a direct dose of the sands? The answer is simple- dune bashing!

Lastly, dressing up as an Arab is fun!

As you hop on to your flight back home, you would most definitely be leaving the time of your life behind!


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