Aug 5, 2013

GSoC Week 7 | Polishing Previous Work

It's been another week in the Google Summer of Code and time seems to be running fast now. Last week, I passed my mid term evaluations and never realized it was much of a deal until I saw some happy posts on Facebook and a few blogs! Now that I think of it, I knew I would pass it, as I had done a lot- a tad bit more than what I had mentioned in my proposal!

Moving on, you might remember the search bar that I added to the a11yAccordeon. We realized that we might actually have killed accessibility by adding the feature as there was no way of informing the user with visual disability the updates in the number of results in the page. Working on that, I added a line of JavaScript to dynamically change the title of the search bar every time it was changed. Thankfully, the screen readers were reading it as soon as the title was changed by the JavaScript. Alternately, we would have added a tooltip, but that would increase dependencies. Fortunately, we didn't require the use of that.

Working on the a11yAccordeon, I also worked briefly on grunt, which automates JavaScript tasks- helpful in projects involving a lot of Javascript.

The next task this week was to improve the breadcrumbs the navigation system. Finally, I have stopped cherry-picking commits into the JS styled dropdown menus, as we are going with the CSS only version. I implemented a basic form of the breadcrumbs as seen in the BleacherReport site, but more work needs to be done in the future on that.

The next task was to change the look of the system preferences page. I added the a11yAccordeon to the same and grouped the settings in relevant areas. I added flipswitches in place of the Enable-Disable buttons, but they don't really look good. Much work remains in that area. Let's see how it turns out next week.

The coming week, I need to finish off with the system preferences page as soon as I can. Moving on, I would have to change the instructor's manage page too, which, at present is a sea of links! Making changes to that would be challenging in terms of grouping the modules as they are just rendered by a single line of code. Otherwise, putting them into boxes such as this seems more doable. After we have done all of that, one big thing would remain- writing CSS, the sassy way!

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