Jun 1, 2013

The WeChat Five

WeChat asked me which five people I would like to connect to if I could play God and here is my list! I have handpicked those who have intrigued me at some point or the other.

Will Graham (fictional character, FBI Special Agent)

I know what kind of crazy I am. But, this isn't that kind of crazy.
Many people would recognize Dr Hannibal "the cannibal" Lecter very easily from the Hannibal trilogy (especially The Silence of the Lambs) but only a handful few would know about Will Graham. Will Graham is the protagonist of the novel (and movie by the same name) Red Dragon. However, the Will Graham that I am referring to is depicted in the recent TV series Hannibal. Although there aren't many differences in all of these portrayals, the recent one strikes me as the most important.

He is an expert profiler and a hunter of serial killers. He has this uncanny ability to recreate crimes by getting inside the head of a serial killer, just by looking at the evidence at the crime scene. This gifted ability turns out to a curse as it affects his mental health, inflaming his brain in the process leading to acute encephalitis.

It is important to note that although Clarice gets to bond with Hannibal in 'Silence of the Lambs' and later catches him in 'Hannibal', Will Graham remains the only one who correctly deduces that FBI consultant and renowned psychiatrist Hannibal is actually a cannibalistic serial killer and puts him behind bars.

I would like to ask him how he achieves such a state with excruciating little observations to details and how it must have felt to put Hannibal behind bars and solve so many of his previously unsolved murders.

Neil Armstrong (Former Astronaut, 1930-2012)

Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on Moon. Or was he?

There are just a lot of conspiracy theories and their reasons are pretty strong at times as well. Take for example the fluttering of the flags on moon, where there is no atmosphere. Another example would be the extremely clear logos on the NASA suits in the photographs taken with the light source (sun) in the background, suggesting a second light source.

Considering my inquisitiveness, I would only let him go once I am satisfied with his answers!

Walter Lewin (Professor, MIT)

A tall, lanky figure, with an Albert Einstein like hairstyle, you would probably think he has been taken right out of a sci-fi horror movie. Especially after he starts his demonstrations, you would start questioning his sanity. At 76, he is a well known figure in cyber space for his video lectures. Possibly the only three courses which keep MIT Open Course Ware running, this guy is one who truly loves Physics.

Perhaps known best for the demonstrations, his lectures have gone viral online. The way he tackles concepts is truly amazing and you hardly find that in the present day professors. He tries to make teaching come alive. He can even give his life for the love of Physics. Due to his popularity online, he has developed kind of a cult following!

He is one person I have always to meet. Physics would never have been fun without those great lectures! Don't believe me yet? Have a look at some of his demonstrations yourself.

Roger Federer(no description required)

I was ten when I started watching Tennis. Although, I have a habit of supporting underdogs (which is why I started supporting Chelsea at about the same time), I shamelessly took Federer's side when he took over the Tennis world by storm and started winning everything out there.

Then came Safin, Nadal, Djokovic and now Murray but no one has been able to take over Federer yet. In spite of the great success, it is really nice to notice great humility on the part of Federer according to people who have met him (as answers in Quora suggest).

Federer is no doubt a great player, perhaps the greatest of all time but he remains a great human being too! A very nice person to interact with.

Sardar Patel (Indian Freedom Fighter, Iron Man of India)

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India's very own Bismarck. Although he was an important figure in the freedom struggle, his contributions in making the princely states join the Union of India are the most cherished. Although there were over five hundred of these kingdoms ruled by their own monarchs, amid fears of hugely fragmented nations, Sardar Patel was given the task to talking them into joining the union. He appealed to their patriotism and made them believe that it would be in their best interest to join India. A deadline was set for signing the treaty and there were few states which created issues.

Junagarh wanted to accede with Pakistan but Patel, with the mix of aggression and diplomacy, forced a vote and the result was a overwhelming support for India.

Hyderabad, the largest of the princely states, decided to stay independent or accede with Pakistan. Patel sent the army and took over Hyderabad. Termed Operation Polo, the princely state was annexed with great ease.

Kashmir wanted to remain independent but Pakistani forces invaded Kashmir soon after independence. The king sought Indian help and decided to join with India. Indian troops were sent into Kashmir and large parts of it were won back.

I would like him to know the current affairs of independent India. I would tell him how many bribes go in to ensure that anything involving a government institution goes on smoothly. I would tell him that one fourth of the country is still below the poverty line and another one fourth are still illiterate. I would ask him if that is the India that he envisioned? I know he would be disheartened by the ugly truth but I think he deserves to know the sorry state of affairs.

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