Jun 7, 2013

Abstract Thoughts

I am writing this post with no motive. There are a lot of things in my mind which I need to get out. Unless you are a voracious reader, I would suggest you leave right now, else you might end up hating me and my blog forever.

Towards the end of class 12, when Probability was being taught in my school, my teacher, Saha Sir, noticed that I was quite uninterested in the proceedings. He talked to me and asked the reason for it, as it was quite unlike my attitude in class. I bluntly said the topic was not so interesting. Thereafter, he checked on my progress everyday, and by the time I passed out, Probability was my most loved topic in Math.

Three years later in college, I had similar feelings for the subjects here. My professor forced me to sit in the first bench, and gave me a list of books to read (along with some other things which I fail to remember now). The grade I got is the lowest I have ever achieved, and needless to say, ended up hating the subject.

Let me just say it out loud. I miss school life. I miss it dearly. I miss everything about it! Take the practicals for example.

Our teachers would run after us explaining how to do a certain thing, whereas in college, no one is bothered whether we even start something.

I took up Geology in college but I have done everything else in my three years in college. I hated English in school but I have almost two hundred posts in my blog! Things change, don't they?

After my third year, I did not go for a Geology intern. I took up some content writing jobs and also managed to clear the Google Summer of Code. Weird, huh? I thought so too. My short bio is Quora, 'Programming Geologist', probably sums it up.

I like to consider myself the Jack of all traits, but I wonder what I would end up doing in life.

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