Jun 6, 2013

Hangover Part III: Crafty Crazy

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As the credits started rolling in without the customary pictures (frankly, there was no hangover, so no pictures), we got up from our seats, started walking towards the exit and this is what my friend had to say.
It is good as a movie but not as a Hangover depiction.
Ironically, I had said we had agreed on the exact same thing after Iron Man 3. I felt the same way too; it was quite impressive in spite of the negative reviews but it lacked the Hangover flavor. We were about to be surprised though- but I will come back to that later.

Critics had literally thrashed this movie. That didn't affect me though; I don't really believe in critics- take for example the sky high ratings of 'Burn After Reading' (that movie died for me the moment Brad Pitt's brain exploded in some grossly graphic violence!) or the ridiculously low of Predator! After all they are humans too- and humans are unique. You might agree with them or you might disagree (considering you are not the one who follows the flock blindly!) Walking into the movie theater a big Hangover fan, although I had to really convince my highly skeptical friend to go for the movie, I can proudly say I came out an even bigger fan!

Hangover Part III focuses on something which had been unaddressed in the previous installments, albeit some flashes- Alan's childishness. That has been totally explored in the movie- right from his relation with wanted gangster Crazy Chow to treatment of various situations. However, this is also the movie in which Alan gradually grows mature, or at least it seemed that way until after the credits.

Although Hangover Part III is about jail breaks from maximum security prisons, crazy fun involving giraffe murder, heart attacks, funerals, car chases, break-ins, flying through Las Vegas and shootouts in the desert, it did not involve a proper hangover like the previous two. Until Alan's wedding...

In the post credits scene, Phil, Alan and Alan's bride (I tend to forget her name) wake up in a room with no memory of the previous night, as Stu walks in with breast implants, not to mention Chow in the next room making his characteristic appearance- it was a hangover all over again!

Considering, Hangover 2 was more of a remake rather than a sequel (in terms of the predictability), by putting the two minute post credit scene, Todd Philips not only makes a great comedy movie, but also preserves the essence of the hangover trilogy!

As expected the soundtrack remains fantastic. Singers who featured in the soundtrack of the first two movies continue to appear(like Danzig and Billy Joel), although I was a bit disappointed Wolfmother didn't make an appearance here after a song each in the previous two movies. The movie ends with Phil Collin's 'In the Air Tonight' which was also a part of the first movie (remember Mike Tyson playing the piano and singing it?)

This movie was just was unpredictable (although I agree the giraffe thing was a bit too much for fun) and at the end of the day, it would go down in my books as a good movie!

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