Nov 15, 2012

Sher Dil- The Courageous One

This blog post is the blogger's imagination loosely inspired by some of his life events over the past two years. Any resemblance to any other real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.  Blogger is not responsible for any actions that the reader may be inspired to do after reading this. So, be advised, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. However, you need to be 18+ to continue. If you're less than 18, please click here to return to home page. This supersedes all previous notices.

Meet Sher-dil (Hindi for Lionheart), good guy, girly guy with a misnomer for a name. The goodness of his heart knew no bounds. His heart wept every time something wrong would happen around him and he would be incapable of doing anything to prevent it! His tender heart wept at triflest of mishappenings, be it the boy next to him farting or him being stuck in a traffic jam. Not to mention, he was the most popular occupation of the school bullies; they would just love him. He would, however, gather enough courage to get to school everyday. He was so courageous, that even the bullying by the girls would not lower his determination- determination to bring lollipops to class! Constant bullying spoilt his glowing skin, the bullies would pinch him constantly and he was forced to turn to Shahnaz Hussain!

As fate would have it, Sher-Dil fought hard, and cleared the JEE. His parents were so happy that they presented him with a smartphone, which was probably smarter than him. What he failed to understand was that all it looked like was a simple mirror (Much like the case of this woman here...) Anyways, as he had probably the best smartphone in the market, he loved to flaunt it! However, the childhood bullying left a scar in his mind, which leads to him being very submissive in arguments- he once agreed to sell his mirror smartphone for five bucks(which is equivalent to ten cents)- ain't that a deal?

A big fan of (Captain) Jack Sparrow, Sher Dil loves fantasizing about pirates! He has even changed his Facebook language to English(Pirate). That adds a Cap'n before every name, and in place of "n people like it", it reads "n scallywags be enjoyin' this." The like button reads "Arr", and the share button "Blabber t' yer mates." Ah, I hope I don't start speaking Pirate!

Anyways, back to the effect of the bullies. When he can't gather enough guts to reply to a witty comment on a post, he just ends up deleting the comment, secretly hoping his crush(es) didn't read it! He unfriends anyone when comments become too hot to handle! He follows up with a stern looking 'behave yourself' soon thereafter. Beware of Sher-Dil, my friends, for if you get on his nevers, he will burn you to ashes!

Only if his name was lion-balls. Evidently, he has a teeny weeny crush on Justin Bieber. Let us not be judgemental though, he has all the rights to like whomsoever he wants, be it Justin Beiber or Robert Twattinson. He also loves Eragon, or more Saphira- probably because of the colour- which is obvious from his mania for (blue) dragons! Coming back to his real life (practical) situation, he did have a crush on a classmate, but that didn't last long, as she refused to accept his friend request in Facebook.

Anyhow, the guy named Lionheart has grown a pair of lion-balls in the recent past. He is now potent enough to muster courage to call up his would be tormentors, threatening them to stop bullying him or else he would shit his pants, start crying, not wish them on their birthdays and send Santa Claus an application to add their names on his naughty list.

P.S. This was co-authored by the cranky dude, yet again.

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