Feb 23, 2012

The Mid Term Diary

0720: The alarm rings. I knew I had got hardly 6 hours of sleep for the past three days but I knew that this would be the last day of suffering. The day the mid terms would finally end. I somehow make up my mind to finally get up and brush my teeth.

0725: On entering the washroom, the first thing that catches your eye is that someone had vomited into one of the wash basins (the middle one, in fact, couldn't that idiot have chosen a side one.) Anyways, this was the reason I couldn't brush my teeth in peace! I wonder if this incident is gonna dictate my day.

0735: I somehow drag myself to the mess, still feeling sleepy. Good thing that I do find a few of my batchmates. I feel a bit better by thinking, 'I am not the only one who is suffering...'

0800: Well, the snap above says it all, doesn't it? Well, let me explain. Our original schedule was to have the Petrology exam from 0930-1030 and the Geomorphology one from 1230-1330. Due to some issues, the Petrology exam was shifted to 0800-0900 (well, that's what the CR conveyed.)

0810: CR enters examination hall to inform us of the bad news. We would be having our Geomorphology exam NOW! Everyone is scared to hell because no one is prepared. I know two things. One, there is gonna be relative marking and two, I wouldn't have revised much during the break. So, apparently, I am the happiest of the lot. And this is the time where I proudly say, 'I feed on others' fear...'

0815: Some more of the guys try to convince the prof to shift the exam, but in vain. Exam starts pretty soon...

0830: My nose is completely blocked by now. I take a few deep breaths and silently curse myself for not using the Otrivin in the morning...

What I could make out from this was that our course coordinator had informed our Geomorphology prof (coincidentally, the HOD as well) that his exam was at 0800 instead of informing the other one!

1025: Petrology exam scheduled to start in 5 minutes. No sign of our professor. This is bad. Anyways, he finally comes and tells us to shift to a different room. Chaos again.

1040: Exam finally starts after all the commotion. Good thing there are just two (although long) questions to solve. This time, I had Otrivin in my pocket.

This has been a weird day altogether... And I wonder, what tomorrow would bring. Till then, learn some Photoshop!

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