Feb 15, 2012

The Rocky Chronicles: Through the Lens!

The weapon of a geologist: The H.A.M.M.E.R

We observed rocks
Different types of rocks
The fight between the rocks
'Yeah! I found the road!'
Imitating Jack Sparrow
That is indeed Coprolite
Someones you tend to get frustrated
Excited about the GPS
We clicked photos
And more photos (look at the excitement)
Some of us tried to learn
Some others observed and were amazed (apparently)
The wildlife photographers at their best
This was something I wanted to bring back with me! Just look at the fur!
We encountered Langurs!
And monkeys!
Captured the mule's life in a click.

Tried stunts...

Got a taste of the rural life.
Improved macro photography senses
Caged the colours of nature
Looked at others, but were not allowed to go for the same
The Nun who sold her Ferrari
Got the courage to take a snap at the Lakshman Jhula (which really moves due to the wind: Scary!)
The start of the Olympics
The Javelin throw being the only event in my 'Olympics'
'Oh, so tired!'
We found a Marijuana plant
And this is what happened to it!
Shulka at the receiving end.
Indulged in more fun.
Loved disturbing others.
Got hold of a fancy hat.
Traveled to difficult terrains
This one tells a story of its own
"Mamma, I swear I didn't smoke."
As I was busy at the KFC!
Captured the Sun's glare.
Shot directly at the sun to get marvelous results.
Went on a safari.
Tried to make and break walls
Making calls to loved ones
No comments on this one.
Returning very happy(Well, almost...)

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