Feb 9, 2012

Hunting for the perfect photograph on the go

After a week long trip hunting rocks, and studying their formation, changes over time and a lot more, I have realised that my knowledge in photography has increased significantly as compared to the geological counterpart. The most challenging part in the whole trip was taking pictures from a moving vehicle. Here are a few things I have realised after committing blunders trying to take pictures of the blue waters...

Switching off your camera is a big mistake:
On the road, you never know when you get a good scene. As it takes 2-3 seconds to switch on your camera, those valuable seconds might be worth the perfect picture you were looking for. On the contrary, keeping it in standby allows you to switch it back on in a matter of less than a second, a risk worth taking.

Safety first, Photos later:
Before you start taking snaps, you should always consider certain things. Ask yourself, is your perfect picture worth the loss of your camera (#KeepTheStrapOn).

Shoot now, admire later:
It occasionally happens that once you get a nice snap, you turn on the review to look at it again and admire it. Don't. There's plenty of time to do the same once you're back home. Ask me, I have lost potential eye candy doing the same...

Shoot directly at the sun:
Be it noon, dusk or dawn, pointing your camera directly at the sun and shooting always gives soothing results.Try it out!

Trial and Error:
You must realise that all the pics that you take on the road are random and getting the perfect picture you want depends on a lot of probabilities going your way. Whatever happens, don't lose heart and have patience. Always remember, the higher the number of photographs, better the chances of you getting that photograph you yearn from the bottom of your heart!

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