Mar 3, 2012

Ah, those racist scallywags!

I am not a person with aggressive behaviour. I usually stay away from fights. I never hurt the sentiments of others, well, at least not knowingly. Then you would question, ‘why such a title?’ Well, those of you who know me well know very well that I am outraged in certain situations, where I do not care about anything or anyone. Let’s just say what I am about to tell you is something which falls under the category.

My day had started at 5 AM, and it had been twenty hours since then. All this time, I had made certain observations with respect to a blog post in mind. Like, whenever I am on the Janashatabdi express, it is destined to be late (I am sure everyone feels the same) and that being too early for a flight can have a bad effect on you (in addition to the fact that it drives you crazy considering you were over punctual). The most important one, officials at the immigration are idiots (or they are plainly frustrated with their life.) The Air India flight to Abu Dhabi that I took literally carries the workforce of the UAE, and the air hostesses are more like teachers to these people. One guy switched on his cell just before the captain announced that we would be landing in six minutes (that was the point I prayed to God, seriously!) The moment Air India flight AI 941 touched down into this foreign land, I knew something was not about right. At that time, I just didn’t know what! With what I have mentioned till now, I’d have made a nice post, but what came after changed my mind altogether.

Since my dad had applied for a visa from UAE, I was required to collect my original visa. Now, that was the time my actual experience kicked off. There was a looong line in front of me for the same. It took about fifteen, very patient minutes to get near the counter and all I could hear was ‘viisa kaupy, viisa kaupy’ (read it faster than it seems). Anyways, after submitting it, the officials went through a mountain of visas to hunt down mine. Then there was an even longer queue for an eye scan.
There were two things which changed my view of the Arabs totally. Firstly, not a damn white person had to go through the queue. The bloody Arab at the entry would escort them (I must mention that they were more than willing to go through the queue.) If I had already crossed immigration by then, I’d surely have given that SOB a piece of my mind to feed on, but then, with great difficulty, I controlled myself by saying there is no point being deported back. I understand the citizens of UAE getting preferential treatment, but others? After an excruciating half an hour wait, I finally got my eye scanned. What happened then is the second thing that irritated me. There was no link developed between my visa and the eye scan. What I mean is that all the while, no one asked for my visa, and after the scan, I was told to go to a third person for the stamp. So much for the wait. Putting the stamp without the eye scan wouldn’t have made any difference at all!

Now, that half an hour long wait made the shrewd version of me come to life (even though I was damn tired of the long journey.) I made a few more of the observations that I am so good at making. <sarcasm> Firstly, whenever an Arab speaks, the pitch is similar to that of Lady Gaga (now, I would not expect one of them to comprehend what I mean by that last sentence.) Such is their language that they know neither Hindi nor English properly. The broken Hinglish in addition to the “sweet” voice and the weird accent makes Greek and Latin more understandable to me!  And the sandals they wear are similar to that of Rachel (Oh My God! - Janice style) Add to that the fact their overall appearance makes a camel look smarter! </sarcasm>

Coming back to the serious point here, why this racism? Maybe, they are just jealous (but I like to believe that that is the case in Aussie land…) Don’t they understand that without the manpower, the oil present deep down is useless to them. I could really swear that we are far, far superior!  Forget the present; consider a thousand years into the past. When we were flourishing in every possible way, they were busy roaming the desert!  How long is that oil gonna last anyways? A few more decades! It is surprising that with their IQ, they do realize this fact and are busy developing their tourism so that they don’t go back to being just nomads.

I agree that extrapolating the behaviour of a bunch of people into that of the general population of country is not in any way right, but it is quite evident that nothing has yet been done against them and that, precisely, is the reason behind their attitude. Isn’t the whole republic of India, which includes every sixth person in the world, being wronged?

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I must say it was really a very interesting description of UAE.

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