Mar 7, 2012

An Open Letter to Roman Abramovich

Dear Roman,

This is coming from someone who has supported Chelsea for as long as he can remember. The joys of watching Chelsea beat United 1-0 at their own playground was something which tempted me to start loving a club which had hardly anything then. It is very obvious that this comes in the wake of the sacking of Andre Villas Boas, someone with the greatest potential I have ever seen!
Back when you took over, Terry & co., with Makelele and Essien, for 'parking the bus', Robben and Duff in the wings, Crespo and Drogba kicking ass up front, that is something which I still crave for. I have to admit you were unlucky not to have won it back then, or even in the 2008-09 season, with Guss Hiddink's boys as fearsome as ever! Yes, it is indeed every fan's dream to see the Holy Grail of Football at the Stamford Bridge, and I can see how passionate you are for the same.

Being passionate and not being a realist is a dangerous combination. That is exactly what has happened to you. Since Mourinho, it has been Avram Grant, Scolari, Hiddink, Carletto and AvB, who have failed to deliver. But that is not the exact problem. The problem lies in the time given to each of them. Grant took Chelsea to the UCL final in just over half a season with the club, and missed it by a John Terry slip (and of course an eventual Anelka miss...) It does make me wonder how life would've been different for the Israeli had Terry or Anelka converted their respective penalties. putting that aside, don't you think Avram Grant deserved one more season?

Then came the sad saga of Scolari. I have no complaints regarding his sacking. The first mistake of his stay at Chelsea was buying Deco and Bosingwa, who had played under him during his time in Portugal(He could've targeted CR7 for a change, and this is meant to be a joke). And the fact that Drogba was not preperly utilised could be seen by the sharp rise in his form after Hiddink took over.

Now comes the curious case of Carlo Ancelotti. I agree he inherited Hiddink's team, which was really high on morale, and hence managed a very good first season. I liked his diamond, in particular, in the first half of the season, which could've led to the pair of Drogba and Anelka being one of the most feared strike forces in Europe, but alas, that was not to happen. The Champions League eluding Chelsea again, owing to some horrible injuries leading to Malouda playing as LWB and Ballack, Deco and Belletti as CDM. But with so many issues, a Premier League and FA cup double was really well deserved. The failure to win any trophy in the second season can be well attributed to the purchase of the $ 50 million misfiring El Nino!

The fact that Chelsea paid 15 million Euros for to clear the buy out clause in AvB's Porto contract was shocking. However, the fact that Chelsea did not sign any significant star in the Transfer season was even more shocking. Well, after the window closed, I (and almost all other fans, for the matter of fact) knew it was gonna be a season of development as opposed to an explosive quadruple winning season! This fact must've at least made you give AvB more than three quarters of a season. On the contrary, you just fired him the moment Chelsea went out of the top four. I agree his tactics against Napoli were questionable, playing Ramires and Raul Merieles as the holding midfielders, even when Essien, Romeu and Mikel were fit! But his season could still be turned around. I salute AvB for the steps he took to remove the domination of the seniors, but alas, he lost. I do wish him luck, for anywhere he goes, he is surely gonna build a fortress, and come back to defeat Chelsea, just like Mourinho did!

We Chelsea fans are probably one of the most patient ones in the world (ok, except the Arsenal and the Liverpool ones.) We still back the misfiring Torres, after you spent an illogical 50 million on him. That's your money to spend, I do not question it at all. However, I do get the feeling that Carletto and AvB got the axe mostly because they couldn't get El NiƱoto fire (among other factors)! Don't you think it's time for you to show some patience? Do you think that just showing blank cheques to potential targets can get you the CL? Well, look at City! Happily playing the Europa.

I'd have understood sacking AvB had Mourinho (or maybe Hiddink) had been readily available. Hiddink just joined Anzhi and in no mood to leave. On the other hand, Mourinho won't come back until the end of the season (and of course, unless you clear out the differences!) In this situation, would you rather have Di Matteo or AvB managing those arrogant guys in the dressing room?

Here's hoping that I am wrong and you are very, very correct and that Chelsea win the CL some time soon...

Yours truly,
A lifelong Chelsea faithful

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