May 25, 2013

What Fast and Furious 6 does right?

I went into the movie theatre having read the reviews. Fast & Furious 6 had inherited everything that made Fast Five a success and done a bit more- that is the summary of the critics’ thoughts. Having seen a pretty impressive trailer, I couldn’t wait for the movie to start.

Warning: Contains spoilers.

After an introductory scene, the opening credits rolled up, showing flashbacks in the background. Of course, that would mean nothing to someone who had not watched the previous instalments. However, for a hardcore Fast & Furious fan, it must have been pretty nostalgic. It shows flashes of the time when Brian was a cop, his transformation, Letty’s apparent death in the explosion and the Rio heist. In short, it was all the sequels compressed into a minute.

Letty was an important part of the family that Don believed in. Killing her off in the fourth movie and the new love interest of Don in the last didn’t go that well with the audience. After all, Michelle Rodriguez, who played Letty, is perhaps one of the ten actresses in the planet who can play that  role. Bringing her back was the best part and that made waiting for this movie even more unbearable.

Just when you think the villains can’t get worse, you get one which exceeds expectations. Anticipating your moves, knowing your weaknesses and above all- the superhuman strength and endurance.
A fast and furious movie would be incomplete without a street race and this time, it was in the streets of London. The way Dom races Letty, dodging the cops and finishing off with the Nitro at the optimum time- it just brought back the memories.

Fast Five was about muscle cars doing their thing. This sequel, however, does something more. The introduction of a tank, which is stopped by the improvisation by some muscle car drivers was an absolute delight to watch. Later, an airplane is also brought down, thanks to the same set of drivers. Yes, that is a highly improbable situation, but Dom and his crew are also supposed to be the best in the business.

In a post-credits scene, Han, one of Dom’s crew is killed in a car accident in Tokyo by a yet unnamed possible villain for the next movie, played by Jason Statham, who then calls Dom and leaves a threat. Stakes are high for yet another sequel. Can it live up to the expectation?

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