Jan 27, 2013

Bulbulay - TV Series Recommendation

Bulbulay aka Bubbles, is a Pakistani sitcom about a dysfunctional family (remember Arrested Development anyone?) Back in my days in the UAE when Sahara news and Star Utsav were the only Indian channels available, I had no choice but to tune into Pakistani and Bangladeshi channels. What I will cherish during the time is that I (and the rest of my family) started watching Bulbulay.

Nabeel is the main character, and also the producer of the show. Khoobsoorat, his wife, is perhaps the only one with some common sense. Other characters are his mother, Mumtaz aka Momo, stepfather, Mahmood Sahab, Sona, his half-brother, and Chandi, his sister. Momo was not a regular cast until the second season, and she is the reason the show is so popular now. Such is her popularity that her Facebook fan page has more than double the likes of the Bulbulay page, with each status of her characteristic phrase "Aey Shavash Aey" getting more likes than the average post in Football Memes!

Apart from Momo's antics, the show is unique in its own ways. The characters often refer to themselves being in a television show. Many times, they have referred to their address as "Bulbulay waalon ka address", and accused the script writer of poor lines. Khoobsoorat's "Shut up, Nabeel" followed by a "Ok, Jaanu" from a frightened Nabeel has become quite a commonality. The inability of Momo to remember names even of her family members is quite funny more often than not! Perhaps, it does remind of Arrested Development, albeit the stark difference in the narration, but it does stand out over the average sitcom.

Although Bulbulay is an Urdu show, it is strikingly similar to Hindi. Although every now and then, you might find words which are difficult to understand, but it is still easy to "puzzle out" their meanings! In case you do want to watch it, most of the episodes are available in Youtube, and here is the link to the latest one (trust me, it is not so difficult to understand).

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